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Salvini attacks the European parliament (English Subtitles) - 06/02/2018

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The word to the honourable Matteo Salvini Good morning, president I have the impression that between smiles, congratulations and applauses there is somebody who remembers the orchestra which played on the Titanic before it sinked I am worried, firstly being father and secondly Italian citizen I hear that someone says we have to welcome more migrants Croatia wants to enter the Euro (currency) and enter the Schengen-Agreement Be careful! In Italy have landed 600,000 fake refugees in the last years They don't flee from war but they bring war in our countries In one year crimes committed by foreign citizens have been 250,000 55% of robberies, 51% exploitation of prostitution, 45% of extorsions, 40% of rapes, 1500 rapes in one year And what is doing the EU? Nothing, in fact it introduces the "climate migrant" Like we already hadn't enough problems I heard the hypocrisy of the abuse of the words democracy and human rights while in the same hours the Turkish dictator Erdogan dictator of that country which someone wants to become part of the EU was welcomed with full honors in Rome I remember that this country doesn't recognize the genocide of 1.5 million Armenian citizens, the first holocaust in history and so I am ashamed of the only idea of the fact that such a dictator can easily be welcomed with full honors in a country like mine and that someone thinks Turkey could becoming part of the EU unless there are no dead of the "A-league" and dead of the "B-league" and among the B-league-dead there are the Armenians and maybe the Italians who were killed in the Foibe massacres by communists, by the Partisans of Tito, forgotten by everybody In immigration we are doing badly, in work we are doing worse 30 million unemployed in the EU, 3 million in Italy, 5 million poor in Italy, 3 milion workers exploited in illegal work and the EU led by the Juncker commision helps the big ones and massacres the small ones What other could you expect from someone who has been for almost 20 years in government of a tax haven like Luxembourg who has helped the multinationals deluding tax payment, massacring small artisans, merchants, independent contractors, and small entrepreneurs and then comes the bank directive which helps German banks, the Bolkenstein directive which helps multinationals we stand with the small ones, president. We want to defend our agriculture, our rice, our oil, our milk, our weath, our fish, our way of living i heard the parlamentary leader Weber who did a nice speech: there are many homelands, many peoples, there are many senses of belonging the problem isn't populism, nationalism, xenophobia, racism. Right now problem number one is Islamic terrorism and the unemployment which is leading the peoples to react someone is afraid of the elections, someone is scared of elections and the vote of Italians. This means you got a problem If you are scared of the free citizens vote, it means that this EU is the Titanic which is sinking We will try with all our forces Either the EU changes or the peoples will change it Starting from the 4th of March in Italy For someone bankers, multinationals and migrants come first, for me and the League Italians come first Thanks and wishes to everybody, we need them

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salvini speaks at the European parliament

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