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Chatterbox XBi/XBi2 headset installation full or open face

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This is the installation video on how to install either a full or open face headset into a helmet. The helmet I will be using will be a modular flip up helmet but as we go along I will show you the difference between installing on a full and open face helmet by now we will assume that you have already watched the video on how to install the XBi/XBi2 helmet mounting bracket and we will say that you have already attached the bracket to the left side shell of the helmet so the next thing you want to do is upackage the smaller sandwich bag that will include this pieces here you will notice two foam speaker covers, two plastic clips, some velcro pieces, as well as a zip tie the next thing you want to do after having the helmet bracket clipped on already is you want to decide first of all depending on your helmet if your helmet already has the indentations for the speakers that are pockets then you won't really need to use these foam pieces mainly because the speakers will already be sitting behind some padding already so you won't need to have any padding for your ears which is what these foam pieces do this particular helmet already has those pockets so you can use these as you please in this situation you won't use them the next thing you want to do is go ahead and place the velcro pieces on the back of the speakers you can do either or what I do is use the bigger velcro pieces on the back of the speakers itself then the smaller one's like these they will be used and velcro on the indentation on the inside of the helmet for you to attach the speakers on the inside so you want to go ahead and put those on and just make sure you have everything ready and have the wires all spread out before you start to install on the inside of the helmet the one thing you want to keep in mind is when you unravel the speaker wire you will notice that one end is longer then the other the longer end is going to go on the opposite side of the mounting bracket since the wires need to be longer to get there and the shorter end needs to go on the left side what you want to do is first apply the two smaller velcro pieces on the inside of the helmet on the indentations that you need to put them on on this particular helmet your just going to put them behind the padding where the indentation is on the inside depending on the helmet again there will always be some type of indentation to where you can velcro the speakers on the inside of the next thing you do is take the longer end and stick that on the indentation here and apply it to the velcro then you go ahead and install the other speaker which is very simple then lastly it is just a matter of cleaning it up by tucking in the wires into the lining of the helmet you can use the supplied stick to do that this particular helmet has pop out padding which makes it a lot easier. Majority of the helmets these days have that if not you can use the stick to tuck the wires into the lining that is already there it will take a little more effort but in all it is very easy so all you do is tuck the lining and make it as clean as possible then clip everything back in so it hides all the wiring away once you do that you want to make sure that you have a little bit of cord left out this way if you notice on the inside of the helmet everything is clean and there should be no wires anywhere and you want to have a little pig tail out that way when you have the unit and you clip the unit on you are capable of plugging it directly in without any issues with slack. As you notice this is a flip up helmet any type of an open face three quarter or flip up helmet your gonna be using the open face headset which has the wind sock this zip tie is used to zip tie the wind sock on to the boom mic. A lot of issues that people have is that the wind will blow that off so once you have the extra slack all you have to do is cut this off these clips that are included you don't have to use them, you can use them if you choose to what they are is to be used to clip on to the shell of the helmet like so and that is just to help hold the wires in place so that the wires do not flap around in the wind again the open face with the flip up. You just flip the helmet closed and that way you can tuck this in and out when you take your helmet on and off and that way you position on the inside right in front of your lips in some scenarios you can cut or shave this away if you want to make more room for that in front of your lips or in some cases you don't even have to use it as you can take it completely off the microphone again is a noise reducing microphone so it reduces the back ground noise very well the only difference in a full face installation obviously is you'll have a chin bar like this and the headset you have will NOT have a boom microphone what you will have is a wire which is like this instead. So you will tuck the wire into the side all the way across and you will basically velcro the microphone on the inside of the chin bar this is a full face headset. You will notice that it is a wire like this and all you will do is velcro the microphone on the inside of the chin bar this does complete the installation of an XBi/XBi2 headset to pretty much any type of a helmet.

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Chatterbox XBi (rider to passenger model) Chatterbox XBi2 (bike to bike model) headset installation full or open face

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