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Mid-December Brochure

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Hey, it’s me, Cheryl. And are you ready to see your mid-December brochure? Are you ready to celebrate with shimmer? Well, before we go into what we have in the brochure for your customers, we have a brand-new host gift special that starts with this brochure. And it’s our 12-piece Modular Mate Tower, and Modular Mates, guys, are one of my favorite. But we also have your brand-new dating gift, and it is your Modular Mate Round ones. I love the Round ones, guys, because it’s the perfect size for that little bit of something that you want to save, or you might want to take with you as a snake… Not a snake, a snack. You can put it right inside here, in your Modular Mate Round one. This is also the perfect size for those little paper muffin tins, or cupcakes. You can put them, the whole package fits right inside here. Or, you all, Rich and I use this one for our cinnamon and our brown sugar mix. We put it in our Modular Mate Round one when we’re doing our sweet potatoes. So, lots of different uses, and why they’re going to want more than one. And remember, they get one just for dating that Tupperware party with you, and they get a second one when they can have ten or more attendance at the party; a third one with $100 or more in outside orders, and a fourth one when they have a blind date or a dating in waiting. That’s what I use mine for with my host. Now, what comes in the 12-piece Modular Mate Tower? First of all, you all, we’re going to start with the Rectangulars because I love these; these Rectangulars are perfect for your baking centers and they’re also perfect for your snack centers. And they’re going to get a Modular Mate Rectangular 1, they’re going to get two of our Modular Mate Rectangular 2s; those are the most popular. A Rec 3, and a Rec 4. Now, what can you put inside here, guys? This right here is perfect for your Oreo cookies! It’s the perfect size, you all. Your Rec 2s are great for either your snacks, or some of your baking. Did you all know that five pounds of sugar will fit inside here with a little extra room? Or five pounds of flour will fit inside here all the way to the top, guys. Your Rec 3s and your Rec 4s are the perfect size for your potato chips, your corn chips, for your Cheetos; all of those snacks that you might have on hand. So, what also comes in this set, you all, is our Super Ovals. And your hosts are going to get two Super Oval 1s, two Super Oval 2s, a Super Oval 3, a Super Oval 4, and a Super Oval 5 with the Pour-All Seal. Now, these sizes are perfect, guys, for your pastas and all of your different cereals. And you know what? I’m going to give you all a little tip; is when you’re going to the grocery store and your host is buying new cereal, and they’ve got a little bit left in their Super Oval 5, what they can do is take it out of the Super Oval 5, put it in a Super Oval 1, put it right on top of the 5, use this one first, and then go to the newer cereal that they just bought. And the great thing about the flip top seal, guys, or the pour-all seal, is you can pour it out of here, and then what? Listen. Listen. Did you hear that click? Okay, so you know everything is going to stay nice and fresh. Okay, guys, and to wrap it up, and why are all of your hosts going to want this amazing set is, it’s going to save them time, like I said. It’s also going to save them money. And remember, it’s going to save them space, because you can take your Modular Mates, and the Super Ovals fit right on top of the Rectangulars. So, look at that, guys. So you can actually make it where they’re modularized, okay, so you have no wasted space. Front to back in their pantry, front to back in their cabinet, and you can stack all the way up, so you have no wasted space at the top of your pantry or the top of your cabinets, guys. The Modular Mates are the bomb; your hosts are going to want to have a party. 700 $ and 2 R.-V., and all of this is theirs absolutely free. Are you ready to go out and party? Okay, you all, so now you know why your hosts are going to want to host a party, why are their friends going to want to attend the party. We’re starting our “70 years of the party” early with your mid-December brochure, starting with our Glamor Girl 70 Years Celebration collection, and it gets glitzy! Okay, you all, so what comes in this amazing collection? Well, first of all, your customers are not going to get one, they’re going to get two of our three-piece Wonderlier Bowl Set, in these brand-new Starlight Celebration colors. Aren’t they gorgeous? And then, you know what, you all? We also have our one-gallon pitcher with the infuser. And why are your customers going to want this pitcher, you all? This is a great pitcher to use. You can make your own homemade cucumber water, or how about your own homemade mint water, or you know what? Lemon and limes work perfect inside here too, you all. And then, we also have a set of our 18-ounce tumblers, and these are our fan-favorites. Not only because they’re gorgeous, but they’re the 18-ounce, and also, how well it fits in your hand. So, we also have our party plates, which are perfect when you’re entertaining, for your small snacks or your hors d'oeuvres. Okay, you all, we have created the ultimate BFF set, and this set includes your six-piece Wonderlier Bowl Set. It also includes not one, but two of your Starlight Celebration one-gallon pitcher with the infuser. It also includes not one set, but two sets of your Starlight Celebration tumblers, and it also includes not one, but two sets of your Starlight Celebration party plates. And then, it also includes your p with p, which is your Starlight Celebration 10-and-a-half cup Wonderlier bowl, and it also includes your attendance, all for which is your Starlight Celebration small Wonderlier bowl. You take that entire collection, and you split it with your BFF, and they have everything they need to be glitzy in December and welcome 2018. Are you ready to party? Okay, guys, are you ready to shake it up? Whether you’re making your own simple syrups or you’re making your own homemade sauces, we have everything you need, starting with our micro pitcher. It’s the one-cup and the two-cup. And the great thing about our pitcher, guys, is the actual measurements are engraved right onto the pitcher, so you never have to worry about them fading away and not knowing how much you’re measuring. Another fact that you want to tell your guests at your Tupperware parties is they stack inside each other for easy storage. And you can also, if you’re reheating a sauce and you don’t want it to splatter, take your one-cup, guys, and then just turn it upside down right on top of the two-cup. Look how great that is, you all. And then, if you actually want to use this to serve from, because it’s really super-hot, the handles never get hot. And then all you do, guys, is just push down on here, and this lifts up just a little bit, just enough to pour out of, and then you can put it back down, and it keeps your sauces nice and warm. We also have, guys, our Zest ‘N Press, and this is a fan-favorite, because you can take this and you can press those lemons and press those limes. And a unique feature with ours is, guys, is that when you’re pressing it, you put it down… You cut your lemon in half, put it face-down, press down, and the rind comes back on top of here, so you never get that bitterness of the juice out of the rind, because it stays right inside here. And then we also have the zester that fits right on top. This is perfect, guys, if you want to zest a little lemon, zest a little lime. So if you want to zest a little bit of chocolate, or maybe a little bit of cinnamon in your coffee, this is what you need to have. And if you want to zest and mix, you can do it right inside here. This part is dishwasher-safe, this, you all, you want to go ahead and hand-wash. And we also have one of our most popular pieces of Tupperware since it came out, and it is our ice cube trays. And the great thing about our ice cube trays, guys, is in the bottom, they all have silicon coat on it. So it’s so easy just to press on the little bubble, and it just pops right out, you all. We also have legs, so they stack on top of each other. And why does that matter? When they’re in the freezer and they’re stacked on top of each other, the cold air is allowed to flow all the way in between them, so everything freezes all at the same time. And one more thing that you want to share at your Tupperware parties about our ice cube trays and why they are the bomb is the way you fill them. So, you just open up the cover, guys, okay, and there’s a fill line right here. So whether you’re making regular ice cubes, or you’re doing a mocktail and you want to make your own mocktail ice cubes, or maybe you want to do a fun lemonade drink for the kids, you want to fill it up to the fill line, and then when you tip this back this way and make it flat, you close it up, guys, and the entire ice cube tray is full. So, these are awesome, guys, and they are on sale. But we also have a buy-one-get-one, and that is everyone’s fan-favorite. It is our Quick Shake, guys. Now, this has been around for almost 70 years, but we have a new design on it. And why does everyone love our Quick Shakes? Once again, if you’re doing a cocktail or mocktail, you gotta do it inside here. How about those protein shakes, how about those puddings? You know what, baby formula, it’s perfect right inside here. Buy-one-get-one, it’s a got-to-have. And you know what, you all? Inside your brochure, we tell all of your guests to talk to you about our very own Celebration Pomegranate recipe, that they can do their own mojito, and you’ll be able to find this recipe on the website. Playdate plans, Tupper fun for everyone! And who doesn’t want this little party set? Guys, it’s adorable! It comes in our brand-new merlot color, and you get your little mini-pitcher and a set of four of our little tumblers. So you know what, you all? You can have your Mommy and Me Playdate together. And, we also have, guys, Beauty and the Beast. This is a fan-favorite with all of those girls. You get your sandwich keeper, you get your snack cup, and you also get your 16-ounce tumbler with your flip top seal. What else is on sale, you all? We’ve got your Baby Stages Feeding Duro Set! And you know what it comes with, guys? You have your formula dispenser, okay, so it has three different sections on here, so you can just roll this around, open up the flip top seal, and pour it out. You also have your little snack container, guys, and the great thing about this is, it has a little handle on here, so when the baby is growing up and they are a little bit older, then can actually hold on to it. But when you are feeding that baby, you have something to hold on to. And it does come with our liquid-tight seal. And we also have your feeding dish, guys. Now, the great thing about the feeding dish is, once again, you have it where you can hold on to it yourself as you’re feeding the baby, or later on, when the baby gets older, they can actually hold on to the set too. This actually comes off, guys. And we have our round liquid-tight seal that fits on top. So, it’s perfect for on-the-go. And the great thing about this, guys, is we have one for baby girl, baby boy. And every new mom needs one, but don’t forget about grandma. She needs to have one in her home, too. But we have more items that are on sale, starting with Batman! Batman’s back. So, what little boy doesn’t want Batman, or little girl? And once again, this set includes your sandwich keeper, your snack cup, and your 16-ounce tumbler with the flip top seals. And we also have on sale, and in exclusive colors, our iconic Shape-O Toy. This is a got-to-have. I had one when I was growing up, both my kids had one too. And why is this so awesome? Well, when the baby is little, it’s amazing just to rattle. It makes lots of noise, guys, so it helps with the stimulation. And then, as they get older, you can use it as a ball to roll back and forth. It also helps the kids, once they’re a little bit older, with their hand-eye coordination. It also teaches them how to count, and you can also use it as the different shapes, guys. So, lots of reasons why your customers are going to want to have these in their homes. And you know what? Join me on the Facebook Live coming up, and I’ll show you what a fun game you can use this as at your Tupperware parties. But you know what? The savings continue. Are you ready? Okay, guys, we also have your tear-off, and it starts on December 9th, and it ends on December 29th. And what do we have? We have some year-end favorites for your customers, starting with, in the US, your customers can purchase not one, not two, but three of our medium-size Eco Water Bottles. These are the right size, the wrong colors. And in Canada, the customers can purchase not one, but two of our large Eco Water Bottles. We also have a set of your deep Basic Bright Containers, and these are perfect, guys, for all of those plan-overs that your customers are going to have after the holidays are over with, or maybe getting ready for that New Year’s Eve, or that Super Bowl party. It’s a got-to-have, guys. We also have… I don’t have it here, but it is your Pasta Maker, guys, and it is on sale. We also have, guys, a set of not one, but two of your small, mini Impressions Bowls, and these are perfect for all of those favorite dips that your customers might want to serving on New Year’s Eve, or at all of those Super Bowl parties. And last but not least, one of everyone’s favorite, our 24-ounce insulated tumbler with our dripless pour-all seal, guys. And the great thing about our dripless seal is… There’s water in here, guys, and when you turn it upside down, voila! Make sure you’re showing that to everybody at your Tupperware parties. Now, this is the right tumbler, but you’re going to get a surprise… Your customers are going to get surprise color, and you know what? Who doesn’t love a surprise? Okay, you all, and we also have a host bonus on your tear-off, which is December 9th through December 29th. And your host can qualify for our 14-piece Starlight Celebration Set with only 450 $ in sales and two datings with only 450 $ in sales and two datings for a small copay. Are you excited and ready to party? And last but not least, we’re celebrating Marcia Kraden and her 34 years with Tupperware. The Tupperware opportunity allowed her to be the wife and the mother she wanted to be. So make sure you’re sharing your “istory” and the Tupperware opportunity at all of your parties. And until I see you again, as Stein Ove always says, “Think big, start small, but begin now!” I’ll see you all in 2018. Bye, you all!

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Mid-December Brochure

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