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Orkin Service Video - Interior and Exterior Inspection

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At Orkin, our approach to pest management is a proactive one. We utilize best practices in order to minimize the need for chemical treatments. Integrated Pest Management or IPM is a preventive approach that identifies and removes pest attractants versus waiting to treat the pest once they are established inside the building. Orkin Commercial Pest Specialists practice IPM through ongoing inspections, which help shine a light on any areas that might entice pests. A comprehensive inspection of the interior and exterior of your building can help uncover any issues. Starting inside, your pest specialist will check for any water leaks, pests require only a small amount of water to survive in your establishment. So it's necessary to keep an eye on refrigerators, freezers, ice machines, and sinks. Drains can serve as a breeding ground for small flies. Your pest specialist may recommend an organic cleaner to reduce build-up in drains which flies can also use as a food source. Trash can serve as another food source for pests. Your pest specialist might recommend that you line your trash receptacle and keep a tightly fitting top on all trash cans to help keep pests out. Storage areas are another pest hotspot. Empty boxes and clutter can serve as pest hiding spots and cockroaches had even been known to feed on the glue that holds the boxes together. Outside, dumpster areas should be checked regularly. Put all trash directly in the dumpster, as leaving trash outside will attract pests. Clean dumpsters regularly and rotate them to prevent any pest from taking up residence. Your pest specialists will review the building exterior for any cracks and crevices that might let pests inside. It's also important to check for any utility penetrations that might provide larger gaps. Seal any unnecessary openings with weather resistant sealant. Keep shrubs cut back from the building and remove ground covering plants within three feet of exterior walls that can hide pests from view. Airflow is another important factor in pest management. Your Orkin Commercial Pest Specialist will check your building has positive airflow, pushing pests out the door when opened versus sucking them in. Install door sweeps and regularly check that they are intact. Any worn door sweeps could create another entry point for pests. Once the inspection is complete, there might be a few items that need immediate attention in order to help prevent pests from coming inside. Review the information with your Orkin Commercial Pest Specialist and determine any next steps.

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Orkin Service Video - Interior and Exterior Inspection

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