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avc_farmer's home after growing oil palm

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During holidays children supply free labor because that's where they earn their tuition First explain why we are here this gentleman is from OPUL, "we work together with Mr. Adipa in OPUL I've ever seen that gentleman somewhere. Ooh, have you? He's a new employee. Ooh, we glad to see you. Thank you. We've come to find out the state you were in before engaging in Oil Palm as compared to to-date. Has there been any transition? My husband is in town and I'm the one present. I'll respond to a few questions that I know. before the situation was very bad. How is it today? We're now leaving a much better life because our children go to school and we're always earning a monthly income. I got married in our old home in 2001 before the oil palm project. We later engaged in oil palm growing and we've earned this house from it. We were in a very bad state. we lived in a leaking grass-thatched house whenever it would rain, It would wet us. I would wake up and cover my children with sacs as bedsheets But now you can't even believe we were once in a bad state. We used to engage in charcoal burning from which we always got some little money to earn a living. the house were we first lived is still existing. we used the little money from charcoal and bought iron sheets to replace the grass on the roof. So when the project came, we engaged in it. we were given money to do land preparation, which we did ourselves and used the money to pay ourselves. As I talk right now we are harvesting and we have used some of the money to build this house. As a woman, my income isn't that much. But from the 2 acres my husband spared for me, I earn about 200,000 Ugx per month. I use this to pay tuition for my other children. Even that gentleman am the one who pays for him and he has now finished High school. He's now awaiting to go to university. However I have another young in lower secondary that i want to pay for first. Does your husband help you with the tuition? Yes he does. though the gentleman is still waiting to join the University. Did he perform well? Yes he passed well. The advantage with Oil Palm is that it's a high return crop. I guess any farmer can testify on this. You are always expecting to earn at the end of the month. May I know your names Mum? My name is Nakyanzi Noelina

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avc_farmer's home after growing oil palm

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