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Sean it looks like you're trying to reinvent ConAgra. You're changing the products. You've changed the name. You've moved the headquarters. What have you found are the skills that you need as a leader to pull this all off? Well you've got to have a clear vision as to where you're going. You've got to provide focus for your team. And then you've got to inspire your team that you're on the right path, that this is going to be the way to win and the way to win the right way. And that's what we've been focused on. A lot of what we've done in the last couple of years is really to re-energize our culture around a new direction with total clarity as to what we're after. All right, so you talk about the vision and that's part of it. But how do you get everybody to stick with you as you're trying out all this new stuff? Well one of the messages we give to our team is we're trying to build something special. And everybody is invited to participate in that. And when you feel like you're part of building something special, it can be incredibly exciting. You want to get up on Monday morning and come to work because you can personally have an impact. And at ConAgra, people of all levels, any job in our company, can make a difference in our company. And I think people know that, and I think they see the progress we're making and that we're well on our way. You talk about bringing a lot more innovation to ConAgra, and it sounds like you're trying to create a culture of innovation. How do you do that? Well, one of the first things we did is we made external focus one of our company values meaning we don't want to spend our time and our energy on interoffice politics, on PowerPoint presentations, and meetings. We want all of our teams focused on the consumer, on emerging trends, on what these entrepreneurs are doing out there to delight the consumer better than the big companies. How come we can't do that? Well we can do that, but it starts with everybody, top to bottom, side to side having an external focus on our consumers, our customers, our competitors, our communities, all of that And that external focus goes a long way toward jump starting innovation. You know, that all sounds very good but how do you actually make it happen? When you talk about innovation, how do you get people thinking to try new things, to experiment, to take risks rather than doing it the comfortable, old way? Change is scary, and the average person really doesn't want to embrace change. But I always look at it this way. What's riskier? Changing or not changing? And in the case of ConAgra, it was clear that we were uncompetitive in the marketplace. The risk of not changing really was disaster. So we had to change. And once you look at it through that lens, you get mobilized very quickly to bring about the right kind of change and put yourself back on a winning track. Sean, in your career you've worked at so many blue chip food companies— Procter & Gamble, Campbell's Soup, Hillshire Foods, and now you're the CEO of ConAgra. In all of those years, what's the best leadership advice you ever received? And why did it influence your leadership style? Well, you know, through my career I've gotten a ton of leadership advice from my many mentors along the way. But frankly the advice that I come back to that's probably served me the best came from my mom and dad, which really was two-fold. Number one, understand the importance of hard work and having a great work ethic. And number two, believe in yourself. Have confidence and believe in yourself. And if you have those two things, that will get you 80% of the way there.

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