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Jacque Fresco - Corruption (1975)

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...and people in Washington are not a group that are spiritualist and these things, and they can afford the american people, no, it's not like that. Many, many years ago, the first group in politics said we going to improve the american people. And they set it out, and the other guys just followed. The first priest was a phony, you know, Jesus Christ, he thinks i'm a magic man, and took some strange things and while disappeared, and when he was moved they thought he was a magic man, and he walk around like that, and say touched at a women that were blind, and everybody fall, all his life, on that move on you know. And what this guy was following like believe terrific sign. Now when this guy died, they started to tell a story about a bullshit man, you know that? I just tell you know all the first followers, all of them, every god damn religious, comprised following men, now, how do i know? How do i know that is true? All you say is that is not true. it's Moses, has to step before the stick and begins to sink. And if you get books, really indian books, they are translation on british museum, you go to a public library. And it tells, long before Moses do that, how they took certain types of semantics, squeezed an area behind their neck, and you become rigid like a stick, are you familiar with that? That were all shit you, what Moses did was nothing new, that's why people fucking predictions. And the true belong become a snake, and then the kings it came in same thing, they do their own. But they were really established, there were snakes regions and expressions and rigid. Now, when Moses put a step in the water, it turned red. They used to do this in the earlier books that they died in the whole too, they put on the water, the water became red, oh, you see? And the egipcians, as long as you read about in school, they have those strings or build like this, they look like lions and the head was following, and some would on their head all day, you got the air there, and the high reefs, this one of the thoughts, go up like that, everywhere, and inside the body of this lion, following this piece would stand on this leaver. And the legs put on warm, and advanced... ..."uh", and then, when the sunset, hot air, a priest would put a leaver, and with a magic, the mouth would open, and look like a doubled stone washer tool, and put here... And the people falled on the ground, okay? Now, this is what they did, they live, probably all of them control those events. You have the police around every corner, following all those people. But they did a couple of tricks in it, if you fuck it up the show you would be punished by all seeing eye. That is how they control people. God. But the king never controlled, they don't need that control, you have anything you want around, let them go, see? Merely the old kings, they fall around, screwd around, having being in parties, the more they used to be schmuck they really did nothing. And there again is that didn't scare you? Why? That's exotic. Right well i want to get you there, because they say you don't need your own work. You said this right to work. And you have anymore happen to work. But they never gave you enough money, you know, you don't have to work, get the thing about that? But they say if you tried enough to make it, it feel like make it, very few. And in the other way you have a lot money and you don't have to work, you get other people working in way. If there are ideas to sell out and get out, and get go on, and you just show another way, i believe in you. And then when you come in, and come back, and still working in, and there is a promise on you on a collaboration in the future, see? And from another then, or now? So, is that clear? Okay, that is right. Now, i'm not corrupt, i think i would call it a favour, and probably some things like favour. That is the average person that have you to say. The other guy that has another fact, is to get called for that, you said no call would work for that. And let me tell you a story. A call makes 150 dollars in a manufacture, and i want them to work for less, i have a way on getting them for working for less. It's all i do, i don't want to have to work for 75 hours a week. Right no idea. When he is calling what you call a physiologist, the person says no, never, i would say that can work for 50 dollars a week, even calling is knowing how is it, see? Here is how you call isn't it ears, and that is the belly, that is legs, and that is shields, and sitting down, looking down at Fresco's production belt, and there was all kind of little boxes right here, and they called, has to select small boxes, little parts that come on a radio, you see what i mean? First i said call you would figure out what how this would work there, then i blended the table like that, and Carl says, Jesus, that's nice, you put every box we can reach by, we can reach any box, and get the right one this way, instead of reaching there elsewhere, do you understand? Then that was quite nice, Fresco, up here, then i put in a radio that has selected music that would beat at giving time, you know what i'm meaning? Tararapampam.... Then, in the wash room, during the 15 minute break, i talked to some psychologist and they say, Carl doesn't give enough essential during weekends when he went to church, and he put some lamps in the bathroom, they on, and the man stand in front and rotate, he give about an hour there you know what i mean? Really? Yes. There is. So that example i took from someone else, you know? Everybody gee that nice these things you could imagine that lost. Now, do you understand what i'm talking about here? A time in motion man, or the man that figure out how to lay out a plan. So they can get more motion in less time. That is what a motion man is. But these man are not good, they are not good people. A good engineer would look and call, and say, look, this guys is working 10 hours a day, is very fatigued on the eyes putting those parts, let's see if we can ease these low, and speed up production by easing, do you understand what i mean on that? Now put more upon you. There is a movie with this shit bringing back, modern times. Did anybody see? Raise your hand, who didn't see? Would raise your hand. Well, just let me tell you this, the movie they made a long time ago, they don't want to bring back, because when you see Charlie Chaplin on the production entight on bolts on a car and so, and they went, and when... you understand? right. Now the boss is told that i think i can get more work out of the man, why line how they will movie watch it. When Charlie was tighting the bolts standing on the machine, and standing the bolt, and then come around see that another... The idea of the movie is boss would do whatever he could do to get away of it. Children used to work in the cotton mills down 8, 9 years old you know that? When the sun came up, working there, and was swipped out. And it was not until man became saner and machines become cheaper, and then they go down with children. So more machines were being used, people protested that. But don't think you live in a good world, not yet. Still growing, and it is early. The world could be a much better place. You are not supposed to hate anybody, you don't know anybody that was. Any other questions about that. Then you ask me specific questions i will give you specific answers, and someone else would want to know? All right, the airline pilot association said that it is not more than 4 airports in the United States that are equiped with emergency, do you know that? And the plane comes and gets on fire, very few airports are equiped to handle that, you know that? Nothing. That is not good, isn't it? All right, so, like that, so i don't take my word, i just place in time and some time close, and then you get close and try would away, you go there, you take my word for it. All across the America, wouldn't lose most of the american airports are. Do you know that? Go look it. Now, if they have a sign on a station saying it's cheaper travelling in train and anything else, not all spice, not that good, and tracks are wearing away, and better what i do terrific, but they don't. So it's makes sence here? All right. Now you are going to reading on your own, and you take a book of this, and on those books you get this kind of information, and you there, now give a couple of hours, and you want to know what they get, that is what they get. Do you think that people will go easy line grow? Easier to grow? Easy to grow out and down , then you... Because not own it older, sure that is why, you know what? was you using, yes, people think that...

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A clip from Fresco's Classic Lecture Series (2d.) "Corruption" - May 4, 1975

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