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pocoyo´s band

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One, two, three, four

Let´s go Pocoyo Hello Pocoyo! Hi!

What´s in the box? A trumpet! A trumpet Do you know what to do with the trumpet? Hat No. You don´t wear a trumpet No, you don´t look through it That´s it. That what you do with the trumpet. You play it. Oh! And a drum! A guitar. How nice! Play! Oh, dear! May be you´ll need some help! Thanks Hi, Elly! Elly, Elly, Elly! Search, search Elly! Pocoyo wants you to search for a word on your computer! Loud...loud Elly is searching for loud things Loud! Yes. That is loud! Very loud! More, more, more, more! Quiet! Now Pocoyo want you to search for quiet! Quiet! This is very quiet! Thank you Elly! Yes, thank you Elly. Well done! And now presenting Pocoyo´s Band Elly! Can you tell me what Elly is playing? Guitar!! She is playing the guitar That´s right, Elly is playing the guitar And Pato! what is he playing? Drums!! Pato is playing the drum. That´s right, a drum And finally Pocoyo. What is Pocoyo playing? Trumpet! The trumpet, well done! Ok band! A triangle Triangle A square Square A circle Circle Triangle Square Circle Oh! what´s this Pocoyo?...Train I see, You´d made a train with a triangle, circles and squares Aeroplane An aeroplane ! Can you tell me the name of the shapes? What are these? Triangles! What´s this? A circle And these? Squares Triangle! Square! Circle! This is really too loud! Pocoyo could you ... Pato that´s awful QUIET!!! I´m sorry! But that was too loud. Wait! Guitar Drum And trumpet Aaah! That´s better! See what happen when everyone plays together You make beautiful music. Guitaaaar!!! Guitaar! Guitar! Trumpet! Trumpet Guitar! Trumpet! Drum! Drum! Drum! Drum! Drum! Trumpet! Guitar! Shhhh! Quiet! LOUD!!! Shhhh! Quiet! LOUD!!! Shhhh!!! Quiet!

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Duration: 7 minutes and 6 seconds
Country: Spain
Language: English
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Posted by: 52971323 on Nov 17, 2014

Vídeo para trabajar los instrumentos musicales y las formas, en los primeros cursos de primaria.

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