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2009 Small Family Business Award

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I became an independent contractor in 1957. Basically working by myself, occasionally hiring somebody when I got a bigger job. And then as the kids, the boys, grew up we kind of worked them in as the jobs permitted. So they all had a acquaintance with the hammer and the saw. It was a poignant moment when Robin called and said, you know, "Congratulations you're selected". The overwhelming sense was just happiness and joy for the family and the employees.It was just pretty cool. It wasn't for me. It was just for the whole success of the family business. But this is the recognition that people in Eastern Oregon have good work abilities, business sense, and we are just as capable as anybody else down in the metro or Willamette Valley area in this aspect of surviving in a very competitive atmosphere. There's never really a slow time. You just keep after it. That's why we stay in business, I think. Just got to stay right with it. But it's been fun. I think one of the things that we're proud of is when dad was doing home-building basically he had a lot of innovation and he built a solar house. And he was into different things that were out there in the sixties and seventies. And then Mark in and really switched the focus to commercial work. And so that was exciting and a new challenge. And then I think, you know, Josh and Mark- they've been talking about green building. And so maybe that is the new challenge for us to look forward to. But there's also the tremendous satisfaction of being your own boss, more or less out there. And then you can look back and see the thing that you built, or helped build, that's added to the community. Part of what defines us as a family business really is not just the family, it's the community. The way the community accepts us. The way we move through the community. It's been a journey for us since we raised our family here, in this same house that our office is in. All the office was added on to the back. But we really enjoyed having the kids come back. It's wonderful to have them working in the business. John? What do you think? As Mark or Jeff get close to retirement their job isn't necessarily done when they sell their stock in the company. Being a family business, you know, they will be involved their whole life, in one way or another. Whether he wants us to or not.

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Posted by: umarket on Feb 16, 2010

The Austin Family Business Program awards the Large Family Business Award to Sid Johnson and Co. for 2009.

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