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RE - Week 1

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Well, I want to welcome out all of you at our Network Churches across the globe, those of you at our campuses, and of course all of you at Church Online, a great welcome to you. My name is Sam Roberts, I'm one of the Directional Leadership Team Members here at I've been serving along the side of Craig now going on 13 years. What an honor it is to be able to stand here for our Senior Pastor Craig, and be able to fill in for him while he is on a well-deserved break. Man, he's truly such an amazing communicator as you all know, such an amazing leader behind the scenes of what God is doing here at Life Church. And for me, such an amazing friend and it truly is an honor to be able to fill in for him. Today, we are opening a series entitled RE. Now, RE comes from in the English word, a prefix meaning back or again. And today, we are going to look back as we talk about Remember. Now, I don't know how many of you guys have ever experienced a day that may not be one of the best, when an old friend from the past finds a box of photos of you that are up in the attic and happens to decide that today is the day they shall all be posted to facebook, and you will be tagged in every last one of them. Unbelievable, can you say remove tag please! You know, but pictures many times tell us things about people. So I thought, you know hey, in the spirit of remembering I'll show you guys a few pictures from my past that will tell you a little bit about me. This first one here is a picture of my Dad and I. My Dad and my brother and I always would go on these annual dove-hunting trips. I will tell you there were always plenty of good stories that came from those. Here I am graduating from college, young handsome devil about to try to take on the world and become successful in life. Now, in college I actually did play a little bit of basketball, I played some college hoops there. There I am on a jump ball and may the record show that I believe I am actually winning that jump ball! So, it's kind of nice to have that picture in there, if for no other reason than to make me feel good about my college days and playing basketball. Now, I want to show you something else. There may be those of you who have been around LifeChurch for a little while, maybe you're kind of new here. I want to tell you, you may be looking on especially if you are newer and you may be thinking, "Wow! You guys are really pretty amazing, these videos they create, that team is just really, really good and gifted!" And they are, but it's not always been that way. In fact, let me take you back to the very first video ever. Look at this, it said tracking on the bottom of the screen. It was a VHS tape! Now, that's some quality editing right there! I don't know if you see it. We had a low budget and that was our stunt double, Raggedy Ann there! Pretty impressive, check this out. Watch this edit right here, this is impressive, but wait for it, there it is! That was a good edit right there, that was great stuff! Now here, this is slow motion. We didn't know how to do slow motion, so we felt like we had to act in slow motion! I don't even know what more to say about all of that! I'm not even going to get into those mid-thigh jean shorts Craig had on! I will just leave that where it is! But remembering things, it's fun isn't it? It's fun to look back sometimes and think of all of the things that transpired. In fact, remembering is something that many times is ingrained in us. We want to remember anniversaries, or at least we hope so gentlemen, right? We try to remember our anniversaries, we remember birthdays of loved ones. We like to reminisce over good times, right? Some of the best conversations begin with, "Hey, do you remember when..." and then fill in the blank. You know, sometimes it's smells doesn't it? Like a perfume or a cologne that will take you back to that first date. Or maybe the smell of an apple pie baking will take some of you back to grandma's house. It just conjures up all of these memories as we remember. So, remembering is something that really is important to us. And not only is it important to us, it is important to God. We see this all throughout the Old Testament, is when God would move on behalf of His people, He would have them erect a stone pillar or an alter of some sort and He would tell them, 'Hey, when someone asks you about this, you tell them what I've done.' Remember what God has done. Now, if I were to tell you when you go home today that this would be like the last opportunity you had to be able to speak to those that you love, you would probably begin to think of, "What do I want to say, what do I want to do if this truly is the last opportunity I have to be with them?" Well, we actually see this scenario played out in Luke, Chapter 22, when Jesus is spending one of His last moments there with His disciples. He is there with them and they're celebrating the Passover meal and then all of a sudden, Jesus goes a wee bit off script, and He picks up some bread and He breaks it and He said: This is my body broken for you, take and eat all of you, and do this... What? remembrance of Me. And likewise, after supper He took the cup and He holds it up and He says, "This is my blood of the new covenant shed for the forgiveness of sins. Take you and drink, all of you and do this in remembrance of me." In Jesus' last moments, He chooses to give them a symbol and an act of remembrance, because He knew how critical it was for them as His followers, to remember who He was and what He had done. Remembering, it's important to God. Why does God want us to remember? Well, if you're taking notes with us, the first thing today is this, write this down: Remembering God's faithfulness from the past allows us to trust Him in the present. Remembering God's faithfulness from the past allows us to trust Him in the present. We see this vividly portrayed in Deuteronomy, Chapter Seven. Now, a little context here, this is Moses speaking and he is about to be done with the Israelites. He is going to be going up on the mountain, and he's not going to get to go over into the promised land. They've been wandering around in the wilderness for 40 years and they're about to go into the Promised Land. It's kind of his farewell speech if you will. Now, there is one little problem, there are people in the Promised Land already who are inhabiting that place that God said they were going to go and the Israelites are a little concerned that they're not going to be able to stand up against this foe that is in this Land. And this is what Moses tells them: You may say to yourselves, 'These nations are stronger than we are, how can we drive them out?' But do not be afraid of them... What does he say? Help me out. He says: Remember well what the Lord your God did to Pharaoh and to all of Egypt. You saw it with... With what? Help me out: ...You saw it with your own eyes; the great trials, the signs, the wonders, the mighty hand and the outstretched arm, with which the Lord your God brought you out. The Lord your God will do the same to all of these peoples that you now fear. What is it that you need to remember? Maybe it's a time when God moved mightily on your behalf and there was no way you could do this and God showed up and did it and you remember His faithfulness. And in that time it helps you because like all of us, we all go through times where we are really, really tight with God and then there are other times that we feel more distant, right? And it's in those distant times that sometimes we can find ourselves beginning to doubt God's faithfulness, and what we have to do is remember God's faithfulness in our lives; the things that He has done, because it allows us to trust Him in the present. But many times as Christ followers we will do this; you know, we actually remember all of the wrong things and we forget all of the right things, right? We do this. I saw this portrayed right in front of me one time with a young couple who the guy had actually forgotten who he was and he had ended up committing adultery on his wife and you know what? They were broken and hurting and you know what? He had forgotten that he was a Daddy, that he was a husband, that he was a follower of Christ, and he remembered all of the wrong things and forgot all of the right things. Now in that moment, I could see inside of him a Godly sorrow and repentance for what he had done. A true Godly sorrow, not just for being bad that he got caught in the act, it was the fact that man, he was sorrowful and repentant. She was broken, but she was at a place of, man I can forgive and man, let's see how is it that God will restore it? I'm trusting God for this moment. Because I could see that in that couple I stopped and I said, "I want you guys to understand something, that God is going to take what was meant for evil in your life and He is going to turn it into good. There will be a day that your marriage will be stronger than ever and you will minister to couples going through the exact same thing because God never wastes an experience and He is going to use this for His good." Now if you had been there that day you may have said, "Now how can you say such a thing? Because really, they didn't really look like they were going to be some pillar of a marriage by any means." I can do it because I can tell you about Chris and Mary. I can tell you about John and Sheila, and I can tell you about couple after couple, that when I see those qualities portrayed in their life, that God steps up and I can remember His faithfulness and it allows me to trust Him in a very tumultuous present to begin to know that He will come through and He will deliver them and He will do a great work. I remember God's faithfulness in the past and it allows me to trust that in the present. The second thing if you're taking notes is this: Remembering God's faithfulness in the past, it directs our actions in the future. Okay, now this is portrayed very well in a story that's very well known throughout Scripture, and it's the consummate underdog story of the young shepherd boy David, who slayed a giant, Goliath. Alright, many of you may of heard this story or be familiar with it; but I will tell you, how did David, this young little shepherd boy, get to a place where he thought he could take on Goliath a giant, standing over nine feet tall. A trained warrior from his youth, a guy who had a big chain mail and a spear that was heavier than most young children and an armorbearer. How could this young little boy go at him with nothing but a sling? What's the deal, what gives? Check it out, we are going to pick up this story in First Samuel 17, when David has now gone to t he King, King Saul, and he said, 'Hey, you know what? Nobody else may be wanting to fight this guy, but he's taunting the armies of the Living God and you know what? I want a piece of him because I'm going to take him down!' Because why? Here's what he says, he tells Saul, 'I'm going to do this.' Saul says, 'Hey listen, I know you're all fired up about this young David, but listen; you're just truly, you're a shepherd boy, just chill man! I don't know that you can take him out!' And David replies to the King like this, he says: Listen King Saul, your servant... Help me out, what does he say? He says: ...has been... What's David doing? He's remembering, he's remembering what God did. Listen to what he says, he said: ...your servant has been keeping his father's sheep. When a lion or a bear came and carried off a sheep from the flock I went after it, struck it, and rescued the sheep from its mouth. When it turned on me, I seized it by its hair, struck it and killed it. Your servant has killed both the lion and the bear and let me tell you something King Saul, that little uncircumcised Philistine everybody is afraid of, baby, he's going to be just like one of them. Somebody step aside and give me a stone because my God who I remember has delivered me from the lion, who has delivered me from the bear; this guy, he's going to be just like one of them. I love the cocky God confidence that David begins to feel! It just makes you want to go out and take on something, right? And it's because David remembered. What is it that you need to remember today? Maybe your marriage is in a really bad place? But let me remind you of the covenant, of the vows that you made when you stood before God and you said, "For better, for worse." And it may feel worse right now, but with God's help and you leaning in and following Him, it will get better. You have to stay in the game. Maybe it's that you know what, you've been praying for a wayward child for years and years and years. Let me remind you of what God's Word says. It says in the Book of Proverbs that you train up a child in the way they will go and when they are old, they will not depart from it. It's a promise from Scripture. Let me remind you what God's Word says. Continue to pray, continue to pursue that child, because as God's Word says, they will come back. Maybe it's that feel like, you know what, my life is going nowhere quickly and I just feel a sense of despair and doubt and I don't understand and I don't know what this is about. Let me remind you what God's Word says. In the Book of Jeremiah, it says listen, God says: I know the plans that I have for you, I've got plans to give you a future and a hope, a sense of purpose, something to be about. And you know what? God's Word says it, and you know what? Today you say, you know what, I remember that! And you know what? With God's help, I'm going to step into my calling, I'm going to find this thing out and God's going to give me a purpose beyond myself. What is it that you need to remember? Now, I want to acknowledge something real quick. That is, that there are those of you who are sitting here today, that are listening to this message and you say, "You know what? I don't want to remember anything about my life. It's terrible, I don't want to remember it." Let me tell you something that you need to hear today is this, is that you may well feel that way about your past; but as I mentioned to that couple, number one, God will take all things and work them out for good for those who love Him. And so, hang on to that. Number two; understand this, even though you may have made some really poor decisions in the past, here's the deal, starting today the decisions that you make today determine your memories for tomorrow. Let me let that sink in for you because the decisions you make today determine your memories for tomorrow. The fact that you're listening to this message right now, the fact that you are at one of our Network Churches, or you are at one of our campuses here at LifeChurch, or you are at ChurchOnline; God is speaking to you, He has plans for you, a future and a hope. And the decisions that you begin to make, starting with the one today that you've made to listen to this message, God will utilize and you are making memories for tomorrow. Remembering is incredibly important. We've already looked at it, Jesus talked about how important it was when He set that standard long ago. We've talked about all of the different things that remembering can do, but here's the deal, we all know that it's important to remember, but the fact of the matter is, we just don't do it very well, right? If you're anything like me, I go to the store, my wife calls me on the way home and she says, "Hey, can you pick up four things?" She shouts them out, what the four things are, she gives them to me. What do I say gentlemen? She goes, "Do you need to write that down or do you want me to text you?" Absolutely not, because what? I got it! I got it! I get to the store, I pick up the bread, I pick up the milk; I'm like, man this is killing me, I'm going to have to make that humbling phone call where I'm like, "Hey honey, I got the milk and the bread, what was that other thing that you said?" Like "Hmm...didn't write it down did you?" We don't always remember what we need to, right? So how do we do that? Well, let's look today. We are going to talk about two different very easy, very applicable ways that we can remember. How do we remember? The first thing if you're taking notes, is simple: You write it down. You write it down. This comes out of a story I'm going to tell you from Joshua 3:4, it's king of continuing on somewhat with the story out of Deuteronomy that we talked about, where the Israelites are about to go over into Canaan the Promised Land, and they are about to go over and inhabit that. Well here's the deal, they start to go and all of a sudden they come up against the Jordan River, 'Oh no, what do we do now?' Now the Bible records that the Jordan River at this time was actually at flood stages, okay. So, they come up to this and they are like, 'Now what are we going to do?' Well, God instructs Joshua, He says; 'You take the priests who are carrying the Ark of the Covenant, and you tell them to go stand in the middle of the river.' So they start to go out and check this out, the minute the feet of the priest hit the side of the river....boom! The water stand up on end! I can't imagine that, I bet there was somebody there in that camp that said, 'I remember when God did this once before for us!' Can you say Red Sea? Moses, stretches out his staff, God parts the sea, then remember, 'I see it, this is God, He's going to deliver us.' And so they cross on dry ground and then Joshua through God says, 'Hey, I want you to go back, you pick up 12 stones from the middle of the river, you bring them back and you build a pillar.' Remember earlier, we talked about the fact that it's important to God. He says, 'When I move on behalf, I want you to remember this.' So they build this pillar, okay. In essence, this was them writing it down, writing it down. Now, I understand today we have lots of different ways to remember things. Sometimes it's in pictures right? A picture is worth a thousand words, just like I showed you earlier, pictures. Sometimes it may be for you that you like to video blog and you just kind of capture everything on video and that's fine. Whatever it is for you, however God uniquely gets you to do it, you need to write it down, you need to remember what God has done. Let me tell you about a time when this came in quite handy for me. My wife Jamie and I are going through the process now of doing foster care. Now, when we got into it there was a moment actually where God had spoke to me about doing it and He had said, 'This is what you're supposed to do.' Well, about five or six months goes by and we are kind of working through the process and word is getting out and there were some very well-intentioned, very different groups of people who many times, I would have said the exact same thing as they were saying. Just kind of some logical reasons why this probably wasn't the best idea, you know, for us to do. I began to listen and I thought, "Wow, yeah that's a good point and that's a good point, and wow, that's a really good point!" And I can remember going back one night and talking to Jamie and saying, "Hey, I don't know that we're supposed to do this. Maybe this is a little over our head, you know, maybe this is kind of, not exactly something we're supposed to do." I walked away form that and I happened to pick up my journal, which is right here in my hand. And in that moment, when God had spoke to me, I actually had written it down, right, and it came out of Numbers 11, when God was talking to Moses and Moses is kind of venting to God a wee bit and he says: Oh God, I wished you wouldn't have made me lead these Israelites, they just whine and complain so much, I wish you would have killed me than make me lead these people. These are terrible....and now God, hey, they want meat, they don't want manna anymore, they want meat. And God is like, 'Okay, I'll give them some meat, in fact, I'm going to give them so much meat that it's going to run out of their nostrils.' And Moses is like, 'Yeah, well I've got a lot of people down here and I don't know that we can really do this, that's a lot of meat God. I mean I don't know.' And God just stops Moses and He just says this, and this is the phrase that God used to speak to me. He just says: Moses, is the Lord's arm too short? Is the Lord's arm too short? And that's what I had written down here. So, I go back and I was kind of having one of those venting sessions with God at this point. I'm like, 'Hey God, I don't know if you know or not, but I've got four kids and that's a lot of kids!' As if God needed to be reminded how many children I have, right? We tell God silly stuff like that. And so I was like, 'I've got four kids and man, you know Jamie, she actually homeschools them and it's a lot of work and it's crazy and God, I'm a big guy and I don't know if you remember how I ate when I was a teenager, but I've got two boys that will be every bit as big as me or bigger, and I don't know how I'm going to feed all these! How are we going to do all of this?' God's like, 'Listen Sam, is my arm too short, really?' I would have forgotten, I promise you. I would have forgotten, but what happened is I had written it down. We have to write it down. How do we remember? We've got to write it down. The second thing you've got to do is you've got to tell it to others. Write that down, you've got to tell it to others. It's not just good enough to write it down, we have to tell it to others. In fact, if we don't remember, if we don't tell it to others, many times the future generations are just destined to repeat the mistakes of the past, right? It's so much better when we can learn from others experiences. Those of you who are parents, I can promise you one thing that I know about you, you really wish that your children would not make the same mistakes that you made growing up. You wish that they could know God's goodness and faithfulness in a way that you didn't when you were young. And let me promise you one thing, if you don't write down what God has done in your life and how He has provided for you, you're going to forget and they will repeat the same mistakes. It's that important. Write it down, tell it to others. Because just like with that Numbers 11 story, if I had not written it down, that's one thing, but then I've told you the story and there's people who are listening today and is the Lord's arm too short? That stuck with you. There's something you're going through and is the Lord's arm too short? That one Scripture, that's what God wanted you to hear today, and because I've told it, it's impacted you. Simple stuff, write it down and tell it to others. Now you know, the Scripture there, when you see the tell it to others, the beautiful thing that you see out of Joshua Four, Joshua says, 'Listen, you see these pillars?' Let me tell you something, when your children ask you, not if they ask you, with kids you know they ask like a bazillion questions. Okay, when they ask you about these stones, you tell them. Oh, you tell them what God did. You tell them about the Jordan's waters being cut off and walking through on dry ground. You tell them of God's faithfulness. What is it that you need to write down and tell to others so they can know God's faithfulness? Now, there's this table back here on stage with all of these pictures on it. You may have been sitting there wondering, 'What is all that about?' Well, I'm glad you asked! Let me tell you! This picture right here, I showed it to you earlier. It's a picture of my Dad and I on our hunting trip, our annual hunting trip; which this one was the last one. The reason was because he passed away from cancer not too long after this picture was taken. Now, on this hunting trip I had shot a bird and I thought I knew where it landed. I marched around out in the hot, humid, Texas heat for literally 20 minutes trying to find this thing. My Dad was like, "Hey, it's back this way, you're too far!" And I'm like, "He's crazy, he's way over there, how did he see where it fell? I know where it is, my goodness!" I just obstinately continued to try to find this bird. Well finally, I get hot and tired and I'm like, "Forget it!" I started walking back over and what would you know, it's exactly where my Dad had said it was! In that moment, what I learned is instant obedience to God's voice. God said, "Sam, you need to learn to trust your father's voice, not just your earthly father, but your heavenly Father as well." Instant obedience to God's voice. Oh, this picture here, what a lovely little handsome devil here! This picture, I will tell you what about this picture. I graduated from college and decided that it was time to take on the world, right? College grads, everybody ever a college grad? Thinks it's time to go make some money...success baby, I'm climbing the ladder, I'm going to be on top! That's what I thought! Eight months later, I got a call from to go into ministry. In my little mind at that time, that was anything but success. I went home and I wrote down 19 reasons why I was not the right person to do this, 19 reasons. In seven days, God answered all 19 reasons as to why I was the right person to do this. I still have those 19 things written in my office, because sometimes I need to be reminded of God's call. This picture for me represents a young boy who thought I knew what success was, but truly didn't get it until I understood that true success comes in following God's will for our lives. Oh yes, this That picture of the jump-ball from earlier, that was actually taken from a game against one of our Ark rivals. We had been prepared all week to play them. We knew their plays, we knew everything about that team. We come out and in the first four minutes of the game at our home court, we are down by over 12 points. It was ugly, ugly! It was so loud in the gymnasium. Coach calls a timeout, it was so loud that he moves the huddle out to the middle of the free-throw line on our side and all of the starters got around in a circle, the rest of the team got around that circle and he stood in the very center, and as many coaches do, eloquently began to describe how lovely we were playing that day. In the middle of that, this is what I remember. I remember coach pointing a finger in my face and saying, "You're the captain, you lead them out of this!" And then he turned and walked off! Here I stood, a 20-year-old kid, out there looking at my teammates thinking, these guys have all different roles on the team, diverse backgrounds, personality types, what am I going to do? I learned in that moment, situational leadership underneath tremendous pressure. That is exactly what I use week in and week out right here at God was preparing me for my calling before I knew I even had a calling. Ah, this picture here from that first video. Yes, the jean shorts are still there. Let me tell you what this video means to me, this picture. Let me tell you something about it that you don't know. In this, this was my first time to ever speak at I can remember just before I went on stage, Craig comes over to me and at that moment, I probably had sweat dripping off of my hands and I probably looked like I had poison ivy or hives or something, I was blotchy because I was so nervous. He walks up to me and he's like, "You alright?" I was like, "Well, there's a lot of people out here! I didn't realize it was going to be this full and I'm following you, for goodness sakes!" And he's like, "Listen, you need to understand something," he said, "In this moment you are God's chosen instrument to deliver His message to His people, there is no one better to deliver this message, period! Now, you go up on that stage and you step into a God-confidence, knowing that He has called you and you have a specific message from His Word to deliver to these people. Now, go and deliver that message." And he turned around and he walked back to his seat. And what happened was, I was reminded of those 19 things; I remembered my call, I remembered who I was and what my purpose was. Today as you look back, as you think back over what God has done, I pray that you remember God's faithfulness from the past, because in doing so it will allow you to trust Him in the present. At all of our locations, let's all pray. Father, I pray today that you would just help us to remember all of the things that you have done in our lives; the things that were good, the things that were bad, because you work all things out for those who love Him, and God I pray that you would help us in that. As we are praying today, there's those of you who would say, "You know what? Man, Sam as you're talking about this, that's exactly what I need to do, I need to write down what it is God's done, I need to remember it and tell it to others." Those of you who would say, "You know what? That's exactly what I need to do, I need to begin to write down what God has done, good and bad, and begin to share that with other people in a consistent basis." Those of you who would say that, just lift up your hand right now. Say, "Yeah, you know what? That's me, I need to remember what it is God's done." There's many today who are saying, "That's what I need to do!" Let me just pray for you. Father, I pray that for all of us with lifted hands that are saying, "Man God, I want to remember what it is you've done." I pray that you would help us to remember the things that you have done, the things that you have walked us through. And God, I pray that when you remind us of those things, that we would have the faithfulness to write them down and then to tell it to others, to tell our story. Still praying today, there are those of you who are here and maybe you are saying, "You know what? I don't have any of those stones, those things that God's done in the past and built up, I don't really understand all of that." Well let me tell you, today is the day that you have your first stone. What is that? It's that you will surrender your life to Jesus Christ. Why? Because of this, you are here today, God has put people in your life who have invited you to this place, or they have been praying for you to be here. And let me tell you, God brought you here for this reason, to remind you of this truth; that God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, Jesus Christ, to die in our place on the cross. Why did He do that? For the forgiveness of sins. The Bible says that we all, every single one of us, myself, everybody has fallen short of God's glory and we need a Savior. But here's the thing, we couldn't be good enough to try to get and work our way to God and there is no sin bad enough that we could have committed that God can't cover with His forgiveness, with Christ's shed blood. Remember earlier, Christ has said, 'This is my blood shed for the forgiveness of sins.' God has called you today here to be reminded of that truth, that you need to know that when you say yes to Jesus Christ, "Come in and be my Lord, I believe in you and I accept your forgiveness," this is what happens; Scripture says, you are made new, you have become a new creation, Scripture says, the old is gone, the new has come. And God is going to give you a new heart and that's why you're here today. The people who have been praying for you, you've been invited and God has brought you here to remember that truth. Those of you today who would say, "That is why I'm here, Jesus come in, take over, be my Lord, be my Savior. Today is the day that I remember my salvation. God has come and salvation has come into my life, Jesus be my Lord, be my Savior." At all of our locations, lift your hands boldly right now and say, "Yes Jesus, be my Lord, be my Savior!" Keep your hands up for me. Over here in the far back, yes, welcome into God's family. Others of you who would say, "You know what? That's me, Jesus come in and be my Lord, my Savior. That's why I'm here!" Lift up your hands! Yes sir, right here, welcome into God's family. A warrior being born into God's kingdom, today is the day of remembrance for you. Others who would say, "That's why I'm here today, Jesus come in and be my Lord, be my Savior." Yes, over here to my far left, welcome into God's family. There are others of you who say, "That's why I'm here! You know what Jesus? Come in, take over, I'm tired of trying to do it on my own, I need you!" Anyone else today who say, "That is me, that's why I'm here." Lift your hand up right now, let me catch you eye-to-eye so I can pray for you. Yes, back here in the back middle section. Both of you back there, welcome into God's family. Praise God for your decision today. Is there anyone else today who says, "Today is the day! May this be a day that I remember for the rest of my life when I said yes to Jesus Christ." Is there anyone else today before we pray? Okay, let's all do this together, let's all pray this prayer aloud together with those who are making this decision, repeat this prayer after me. Heavenly Father, thank you for your work in my life. I remember the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross for me. I accept your forgiveness. Help me to live for you everyday of my life and to walk in your ways. It's in Jesus' name I pray, amen! Alright LifeChurch, give it up!

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RE - Week 1 - - Sam Roberts

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