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Как нас видят гуси, тонкости маскировки

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Wildfowling. Improving your camouflage.

The only problem was that there had been no flocks of geese overhead the day before. These things happen and we didn’t want to give up. To cover the hunting blinds we used foliage from the edge of the same field trying as best we could to match the colour of the rest of the field. But there was no way to tell how well we’d done. The geese weren’t flying. And there were no shots heard from the surrounding fields either.

At dawn a fox appeared near to the hunting blinds. An attempt to lure it with a goose whistle failed as Brer Fox obviously noticed the movement of heads poking out of the hunting blinds. Once it was full daylight and the sun had risen over the horizon the geese appeared. Our efforts had been worth it since the geese had probably already been shot at and their behaviour was extremely cautious we wasted no time before shooting. In the light we could check our camouflage. To the human eye it seemed fine which was confirmed by another flock overhead.

A third flock was interested by the goose whistles and the decoys but something warned them and they did not fly down since this was not a flyway two ganders from three flocks was a reasonable bag. We chose the same place and field as before but turned the blinds round the other way and dug ourselves deeper into the ground. We did this earlier so that the earth had dried to almost the same colour as the field. We also scattered vegetation around.

The first geese appeared above the blinds like last time, when it was already light The picture of a flock of geese high up in arrow formation turning round and breaking up to descend is the most beautiful and exciting there is. Encouraged by their earlier results we set up everything perfectly for the next flock If the shots had been a little more accurate more geese would have been hit of course. These two were hit by the first shot fired. In slow motion you can see how after the first shot two birds are hit. The second and later shots only winged one bird which came down in the woods but was found later.

When the sun came out the flocks of geese suddenly flew higher on approaching the blinds clearly realising that nothing good lay in wait for them on the ground. It wasn’t clear what frightened the geese. Obviously in sunlight the hunters’ camouflage was not as effective. But what were they afraid of? The earth had dried and no longer stood out. No idea what the matter is with them.

We found the answer by sending up a little helicopter for a bird’s eye view of the scene Now I can see that it’s all trampled which we couldn’t see before. Over the two hunts this area had been so heavily trampled that no camouflage would have helped. It was more noticeable from one side than the other. So our hunters’ store of knowledge was enriched by one more wildfowling hint. Don’t set up your hides in the same place twice in a row. We won’t do it again. Please add your comments and like our videos. Subscribe to our channel there’s more to come!

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Как нас видят гуси, тонкости маскировки

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