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Karma and Dharma 3

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will escape us. But if we do not strive for happiness  we will become happy, if we strive for something higher. Happiness is just a reward or just an  indication from God that we are doing something right. So again of course if it is the happiness..anyway..  Let's not talk about this. Our main topic is the law of karma, and  how to counteract it and what dharma means.  Again coming back to this point  ultimately, when we perform our dharma or our duty,  the end result is that we become more united  with the whole world. We become more united with the living beings or human beings around us  and we will become closer to God and we become more united  to God. We will feel more  expressly and more vividly the presence of God in our life  when we perform our duties and when we live righteous life. How it works?  Everyone can experience this. For example, if man and woman live together,  and they try to perform their own duty,  the wife performs her own duty and tries to do it  at her best  and the man tries to perform his duty and they appreciate  each other and they appreciate each other's endeavours  to perform their duty.  Ultimately, they develop a very strong bond. And this bond is called love. Love is not this romantic feeling which we experience in the beginning, which  evaporates after two, three weeks of our close contact with each other. Love is a feeling of respect and understanding, mutual understanding of  each other when we really become one mind, one heart within two bodies when we really  understand each other. But the basis of it is  performing of the duties. When we perform our duties  we develop our nature  and this development of our nature helps us to enter into very deep  and productive relationship with other people  and brings us side product:  happiness. But the greatest result is that we become closer to God, because  this is the design of God. God wants us to become happy.  God is not a cruel person.  He did not create this world, because He wants us to suffer.  He wants us to enjoy. He wants us to become completely happy. He is happy Himself.  But, unfortunately we are stupid.  And we are creating these activities which are against the intelligence given to us by God. We are disturbing the balance in the environment, and in other people's life, in  our own life and therefore we are suffering. The sufferings  are always self-inflicted.  Nobody else is inflicting us sufferings. Of course,  some other people can inflict us sufferings. But ultimately even this is the result of our own stupidity  which we have to understand very clearly and  God created this world for us to understand how to act  to become completely happy and to feel the happiness which He experiences Himself. Ultimately, this is what God wants. He  wants us to experience His happiness.  But He teaches us at the same time  how to come to this point. And to come to this point, we have to understand the law of karma,  we have to respect the law of karma and  not to destroy the balance  around us. We have to understand our own nature,  act strictly in according to our own nature, without  depending on the fruits, completely depending on God and  on God's arrangements, because if we act according to our nature  God will arrange, God will provide us  what we need. There are many many stories in the history of humanity, when  people initially would undergo some sufferings or some lack in their lives because they were very devoted and determined to act according to their nature, but  ultimately the result would completely supersede all their expectations, the result would be much much greater. And, yes of course, the results are not coming so quickly, but  they are coming. There is no doubt about it. We do not have to be concerned with the results, we have to  be very dutifully concerned with following our own nature and of course we should know for this not only our nature but  what are the scriptural injunctions which  help us to develop this nature and  to act properly according to our nature. And for that, there is different sort of dharmas which  is there as I said men's dharma, women's dharma,  parents' dharma  children's dharma, social dharma,  dharma according to our status in life, whether is brahmachari, grihastha, vanaprastha or  sannyasa or dharma according to our  nature, whether we are intellectual or we are managerial type  of person, we like to manage or we are enterprising,  we are merchantile type of person, or we are just workers. These all different natures which are there and the scriptures say how  you should act according to this  to maximize the positive results of your karma and ultimately to feel  more directly the satisfaction of God. In Vishnu Purana there is this famous verse: varnasramacara-vata... (Vishnu Purana 3.8.9) that when you act according to your duties in life  it means act according to your nature, strictly  according to your nature, this  is the way to worship the Supreme Lord. The Supreme Lord will become pleased with you  and by being pleased with you, He will bestow upon you  what you need. But of course this is not yet the highest result, because  it is a very preliminary result on the spiritual path. We have to be  again very clear that  we are performing different spiritual duties  and spiritual practices  not to counteract karma.  This is a by-product. And not even to perform our dharma, not even to become happy.  These are all by-products of it.  Ultimately, when we perform our dharma or our duty in life,  our heart will become very pure.  And this pure heart is a prerequisite for us to understand our nature. This time I am talking about spiritual nature, not  about conditioned nature. Because when we perform our duties according to our conditioned nature,  the result with this is that we will start to understand that I am eternal spirit soul and  I have eternal nature. And I have sanatana dharma, eternal duties in my life.  And then I will start performing my eternal duties, which is called service, service to God,  or worship God. This is the next point. Purification of the heart definitely makes us happy, and balanced and free of all disease, and gives us so many other good results. But the main result of it is that to understand who I am. I am spirit soul, I am servant of God and what are my duties in relationship to Him. And this is the highest dharma. When we understand our highest nature, spiritual nature, innate spiritual nature, then we will understand with this nature our highest dharma or highest duty. That is love God. And that is of course the first commandment of the Bible as well. We should love God. Why is it the first commandment? Why is it the first duty? Because this duty reflects your deepest, most basic, most fundamental nature as a living spark. Spark of spirit emanated by God. And to love Him, to love our source is our main duty and for that we perform bhakti yoga. Karma yoga is the beginning of our spiritual journey. And it is necessary and the elements of karma yoga are the foundation of our human existence but it is not the ultimate. The ultimate is the yoga of love, because the very word "yoga" means unity. And unity is the description of love. So by performing our duties, we counteract our karma, by performing our duties we become more united with this world, we become more united with people around us we become more united with God but then the real spiritual understanding comes to us very clearly and we understand what is our function in this most important relationship between us as spirit souls and God as the original spirit, our original source of all existence. And this God, Absolute, the original source of all existence of this world and us is called by many names but we call Him Krishna because the word Krishna means the most attractive existence. "krisir bu-vacakah sabdo, nas ca nivriti-vacakah" Mahabharata (Udyoga-parva 71.4) this word Krishna means existence and bliss merged together. "Krish" means existence and "na" means bliss. When existence becomes blissful it is God. And when we approach Him and come closer to Him our existence as well becomes very blissful. And that is what we are all seeking for. We want bliss but for that we have to understand very basic principles of karma how karma works, what we should not do under any circumstances and what we shoud do in our life.  Thank you very much. This was my short presentation of the science of Krishna Consciousness, philosophy of Krishna Consciousness.  It is a great science, it is a very universal science. It is applicable to anyone and everyone. And I hope that you will be able to find something useful in what I had to say This all is given by His Divine Grace A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Praphupada in his books and the main purpose of this lecture is to instill some desire in yourself to go deeper into this topic by reading and studying His books on a daily basis. Again, thank you very much. Hare Krishna. 

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