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San Francisco

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Each Sunday the bells of the Mission Dolores Basilica call local parishioners to prayer. The sounds of mid-day mass are a legacy of Spanish missionaries who built a sturdy house of worship in 1776 that still stands today, and is the foundation for a neighborhood: the Mission District. Over the years, Irish,German,and Italian immigrants have all called the Mission home. But the latest wave is mostly Hispanic, coming from Mexico, and from Central and South America. And their contributions to the neighborhood's cultural identity are evident on the walls, in the food, and in the music. We share our griefs. We share our joys. Whether to share sorrow or celebrate life, the music of the mission has had a profound effect. It's vivid. It's alive. It's jumpimg. So are the colors of the district. Drawing on the area's cultural traditions, Public art here became an expression of heritage and protest. This one is about "Los Desparasitos"... If Mission Dolores was the foundation of the district, its church is now the cornerstone. Here, families gather from Mexico, El Salvador, Peru... The congregation is a veritable Organizatin of Latin America States. And they bring with them the best of their own country, particularly their interest in their families, their interest in their traditions. And what I see going on here in a very very positive way is the integration of the best of Latin American culture now with American culture. In the mission district, immigrants have made this corner of San Francisco uniquely their own.

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The Mission District Today

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