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Teach you Design of: Survival and Law of Attraction - Money, Money, Money!

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: The Design of - Survival This is the design of Survival communicating about survival So the schooling system - on the 'Design of Schooling' - has given you 'perspective on', basically how the children of the world is, 'programmed' to believe that they are, with open arms welcomed into a beautiful magnificent world when actually that world, is a systematic 'Unified Consciousness Field' illusion-reality Now As schooling system has also indicated that what has become of this existence is, but to survive, and that human beings Mind Consciousness Systems has been Preprogrammed to Survive and that's all that you are that's all that "you have become"! that's all you're able to do! and have Done! and have be done to be able to 'exist in this world' is 'survive'! and, that this entire illusion reality has been setup, to pre-occupy human beings, to 'keep them busy'! so that, what is able to thrive, is the mind consciousness systems that evolve within and as them and, you can say that earth is like a 'a hybrid- zone', in which, which one is a specific 'test subject' and, the mind consciousness systems have been placed inside human beings, and left to 'see' how, 'they evolve', by themselves or I'd say that, you know human beings have done a you know human beings as mind systems, have done quite an extraordinary job, if you want to call it that if you look at all the technology and, the 'discoveries' and, scientific investigations, etc, but does that contain, any value or worth? in anyway whatsoever If you have a look, everything we 'built', everything human beings 'design' everything human beings, consist of, Do - (laugh) is Survival! Everything! everything, that, exists in this world has got the contestants of, 'survival' Everything the- the inherent 'nature' of mankind, is survival and then human beings believe that, they actually 'Live', they actually, 'existed' Do you really? Really! have a look at everything what is war? Survival! what is, the schooling system? Survival! what is marriage? Survival what is, having a job or work? Survival. what is money become? Survival shops! malls! grocery stores, Survival! homes! cars! Survival. weapons! Survival. murder! survival everything, has got the nature of survival even the animal kingdom have to become 'that' of survival isn't the animal kingdom the unconditional expression of nature, of Life that is showing us what we have become and what we have, 'allowed' the 'strong, feeding off the weak' isn't that, what has become of this world, from the perspective of 'the rich, the wealthy' want! get! All the time! it's like the poor is here (flat bottom) and then the wealthy and the rich just 'keep on sucking that Money out of them' out of the countries, out of the people - have them starve they don't give a shit, and that's the problem with this world - Survival So I'd suggest, each human beings have a look within themselves, within their world where are they still accepting and allowing Survival within themselves I'm, speaking from the perspective of look at 'where and with what' you have a relationship of survival with instead of staying oneness in equality, as you 'as that' which exists within your world and 'within you' because survival only exists, in this world as a manifested experience because it exists within, each and every single human 'being' and each and every single human being are collectively accepting and allow it, to exist! through the unconscious mind, connection and inter-connection of all human beings' Minds creating the unified consciousness field Survival has to Stop. we have to stop living, experiencing, expressing ourselves the only way to do that, is to 'stop the mind', it is quite simple through, self-forgiveness self-honesty and self-corrective application in every moment Thank you very much. this is the design of survival, on Survival Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Oct 10, 2009


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