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Hi, I'm Liz Robinson from RSA Via Product Marketing.

With so many choices available today for cloud single sign-on solutions, why did RSA enter this market and how does Via Access stand out from the rest of the crowd? Many of today's competitive alternatives came from a tactical need to address the problem of password proliferation in the cloud. With each new SaaS application came a new account and a new password that end users had to keep track of and remember. And while federation and web single sign-on have made life easier for the end user, they have made things easier for the would-be attackers as well. Now, a single credential, often the same as the user's corporate password, could provide rouge users with unfettered access to everything if compromised.

RSA Via Access takes a different approach to securing the cloud. One that balances end user convenience with the needs of the enterprise to maintain secure and consistent policies for both on-premise and cloud based resources. The RSA Via Access difference is based on five key design principles. First, RSA Via Access evaluates each access request based on a gathered set of identity intelligence. Who is the user and what is their role? How sensitive is the application or resource that they are attempting to access? Where are they coming from? And what is the context of the request? To make the experience both secure and convenient, authentication cannot be a one time decision and single sign-on should not be granted universally. Not all users' applications or situations are the same and only by understanding the context of an event can you provide single sign-on where appropriate yet, enforce step-up authentication when required.

Second, RSA Via Access is a complete access solution for platform 2.5 and the 3rd platform combing multifactor authentication, attribute and session based entitlements, identity assurance and federated single sing-on into one unified platform. When combined with RSA Via Lifecycle and Via Governance, RSA Via Access becomes the runtime engine for a total identity management solution. Single sing-on is great, but without strong authentication and comprehensive access control, who is gaining access to your most sensitive resources and what are they doing once inside?

Third, when authentication is required, it should be simple, familiar and take advantage of a device that the user already has. With RSA Via Access, your mobile phone or tablet becomes your authenticator. RSA Via Access supports a range of mobile optimized authentication methods including push notification, one-time passcode, FIDO Tokens, Apple Watch, eye scanning and fingerprint biometrics with additional methods on the way.

Fourth, RSA Via Access employs a hybrid design approach combining the benefits of a multitenant cloud service with the security and control of a dedicated on-premise virtual appliance. Many enterprises still struggle with broader SaaS adoption due to very legitimate concerns about security, the exposure of sensitive identity and personal information, the inherent risk associated with shared infrastructure or the weight of existing investments in on-premise and legacy technology. With the RSA hybrid approach, existing on-premise identity infrastructure, your directories, your web access management solutions and SecurID can all be connected securely to the cloud without the need to store sensitive user information or active directory credentials in the RSA Via Access cloud service.

And fifth, RSA Via Access has the ability to address authentication to anywhere. Many vendors will provide solutions for on-premise or SaaS applications but nobody but RSA covers both. The fact remains that as organizations moved to the cloud they will always have legacy on-premise applications to support. Those aren't going away any time soon. Organizations need a vendor that delivers a solution that supports on-premise, legacy, web and SaaS to avoid creating islands of identity. RSA Via Access is truly a game changer, designed for the modern enterprise to securely and intelligently provide access to resources both on-premise and in the cloud. For more information please visit SalesIQ or Partner Central. Thanks.

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