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前南斯拉夫总统 米洛舍维奇: 我死后趣事, 我的所见所闻

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Desteni Interdimensional Portal Interview: My CrossOver - Milan Jelic [em] Hi, this is Milan and..i..Died..Recently and i am Back in a..Human..Body and, i am...Discovering, that i am still..Alive and..that..i have Not Died it is not what i...Expected [em] i Secretly Wished, my Death would be the End [em]..but it was Not so i Died and i Got into..what is called the..'Heaven' Looked very Busy more Busy, like than on Earth i first thought i was in a Painting with Lots of Colours and Strange beings Inside Beings i saw Tree-Like Structures inside...human physical body Outlines [em] with Strange Round..Orbs moving All Over i thought i was in a Painting of an X-ray of the human physical body i saw, i see Strange Manifestations inside human beings i don't Yet Understand Everything but, i do Know - i am Here f..for Oneness and Equality that i did Not Know Existed Yet but it Does. now, we just have to - Manifested it Yes. [eh] we're manifesting it Here on Earth - as what i Understand how Exactly?... Busy with That one but as far, as i, Understand there is Much Change Ahead - for Mankind and..[sneezes] excuse me and it's Cleaning Out..Clearing of Man, of the Inside - it doesn't Looked that Difficult - Really, it Doesn't. [em] though all the human beings Must Understand that i Understand so Far is Self-Honesty it's Simple - i thought it was too Simple [eh] i thought it was rather Frivolous but it's Not! it Will Work [em] Self-Honesty is a..Strange..Word if you Don't Know what Self-Honesty is so i am Busy in the Process of, Understanding - Self-Honesty as - Me [em] i am not Able to Define Self-Honesty - Yet, i am still in the Process so, i have now Described what i Understand what we have been Doing in the - Heaven so far Equality and Oneness where Everyone will Come Together in as One..and Equal in Expression of Life [All Life Here] so that's Who i am Now i am Walking as that i Put it As Me Here i know i may Sound, a bit ... [hem] on a Rocking Boat, not yet on a Speed Boat Straight Forward Ahead because i'm, i Just Died and Everything is still a bit... because i..i had to go through Forgiveness Processes i feel very Clean, i feel very Clear [em]...i feel..very, well - i Don't Feel it it's like a...a Beingness...a - a is-ness of Being Beingness is..yeah - that's Being and Is in One Word: Beingness [em] so now, i Understand it, now i, am, Expressing it and Showing Other human beings as myself what does Oneness and Equality, in Self-Honesty as Expression of Life in Every Moment - Mean [hah] well i'm Grateful to know that, there is in the Heaven..that is Here and that we're Not Alone Not Alone in a Scary Way Not Alone from the Perspective of: Everyone Always Wonders if there is Someone that will just Come, and Support and Assist - Mankind there are, but Understand that the Person is Also or that Someone or Something is Also Yourself Okay, this is Milan. Thank you very much Please join us for Discussions: For Regular Interview Updates: Join - Beyond the Grave:

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Posted by: destenichineses on Aug 5, 2009


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