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hitman round 2

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Well, it's started. Well boy, now it's starting. Dan's off, Chris is off Dan's in the blue, Chris is in the black. There's a couple of F**king flurries to start with. Dan doesn't mind having a couple of lefts and rights. Ah he's f**king looking fine and fit. Chris I tell ya, in his little wee boy black shorts there. He looks like a little Pommy He's white, he's fit, and he's f**king angry. He's holding now I think he's tired now to be honest Now he's holding he's just not doing anything And Dan just f**king picks up on that He says "your tired now ya little f**king wee frame" "Im gonna f**king take you down" "Even if you're wearing black shorts there with your little blue f**king stripes" I mean f**king yellow stripes people sorry yellow stripes This guy is moving so quick I can't even keep up with his f**king shorts. Ah he's fucking good There I tell ya what, Dan the f**king Hitman He's not a f**king fraid to have a f**king fight. JEEESSSUS CHRIST It's Dan Mcqueen in the fucking front showing two I didn't realise OH MY JESUS sorry I was getting away from it. Dan is having a fly. Oh he's going away He's gonna do it Dan is gonna put him down Oh no way stop that come on ref Take that mug down in those f**king black shorts with his little red shoes. Jesus Dan's back,Dan's back the fights settled down the fights settled down now, everybody's seems to be f**king calm all of a sudden Everybody's calm So Dan comes in. Chris is f**king having it aahhllll Oh Chris gets a big right hand side there and he takes him, he takes him f**king well I tell ya Now Chris is looking f**king lethal I know that Dan has got the f**king hit in him Cause he's the Hitman Dan who will come out here flying OHH he's just f**king teasing him now He's just teasing him he's gone "Is that Tony Black there?" Cause yav got your little black shorts on and your little yellow stripes Seamus:How happy is he? He's happy, he's f**king happy Seamus Seamus:As happy as you? Oh no Dan is gone , Dan is just gone off You watch this plain and simple, 1, 2 Ah poor Chris, Chris is tired Chris is tired DAN IS F**KING WOAH JESUS I wasn't expecting that one now, I wasn't expecting that one.

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Posted by: darthschracker on May 4, 2016

hitman round 2

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