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C4L12: One Clacker Man

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Ok the one man clacker drill, this isn't as easy as it looks and it doesn't even look that easy. Once you understand this drill it does get more manageable thats for sure. How we start, you remember a a couple of months ago we start with this clacker drill where Paul is just bumping straight up. See this he is just going left to right. What he is really doing is just moving his body, see how he is shifting his body. The ball is just going straight up. What we are going to do is take this to the next level. This is the essence of the drill is contrary motion. When your hips swivel one way your arms are always catching up. Your hips are to the left your arms are on the right catching up, to the left and then as soon as they get to the left, your hips are switching back to the right again. So this idea of contrary motion is where we get this drill. Watch Paul carefully you will see the center of his body is moving slightly. What he is trying to do is hold his arms very still and let the body shake the rackets back and forth. Now its my turn, its sort of like shaking an apple tree to have the apples fall off. You really want to keep those branches those two arms steady as possible. Just let your body do all the work, watch here in slow motion. Maybe difficult to see, but I am holding my rackets very still and barely doing a little twist, all most like going side to side. The hips do all the work, see the arms and the two racket heads try to remain stable. I am actually stretching out towards the camera see that I am not thinking about stretching towards the ball but towards the camera. Its the hips that move in a very subtle way in this right left or this screwing down screwing up sort of like doing the twist. Thats what moves the racket, so if you watch carefully you can see the center of my body is making some gyrations. So try this drill first with a ball and just your two hands. Then go to this bumping up, see how bumping up here. Then slowly shift your racket faces flat towards one another.

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Posted by: jackbroudy on Jan 8, 2014

Try this off court drill to balance out your body and achieve racket control.

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