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Disney BH6 XPRIZE XChallenge Winners: Biosphere Solution to World Hunger

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[Jasmine] Hi, my name is Jasmine. I'm eleven years old, and I'm here to share my big idea for the Disney Big Hero 6 XPrize challenge. The main challenge that faces us today is world hunger. While many countries continue to thrive, some are still struggling to sustain the two basic human needs: food and clean drinking water. My idea is to build a biosphere that mimics the water cycle, harnessing the salt water from the ocean, and using the distillation process to turn it into clean, purified drinking water and at the same time sustain the life of plants. So here we have the finished product of the biosphere. Now this has been running for about two weeks, twenty minutes every day, and as you can see, some of the grass seeds have begun to grow. And this is because the water inside is salt. And then since it's salt, it somehow speeds up the distillation process when it boils. And when it boils, it create vapor which collects at the top of the dome, and when it touches the cooler top of the dome, it turns back into moisture. And this moisture, or water, is free of salt and bacteria which promotes plant growth and clean drinking water. Now the moisture on the top of the dome slides down to the edge of the dome and drops into the containers below. I'm going to plug it in now, and can see how this works. Now here you can see the vapor rising to the top of the dome, and little by little, the vapor turns back into moisture, or droplets of water. Now you can see here some of the moisture has started to slide down to the edge of the dome, so it will then drop down to the containers below. Now this might be a crude example of a biosphere, but this can be industrialized on a larger scale— much larger— to be used in desert communities where they have salt water nearby which can be an ocean or an underground source. Now this—the byproduct of all this salt water is salt, and this can be used for industrial and household use. This is the solution to all the problems of world hunger. If this is made to a larger size, it can feed people; it can provide people with clean drinking water; and it can pretty much save lives.

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Posted by: production on Nov 11, 2014

Re-creating the distillation process to provide food and clean drinking water to people around the world.

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