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How to Manage Your Diet? Sadhguru

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Today in India not more than 20% of the population is actually eating properly Even the reasonably well to do for Example in Madras city a vegetarian family, well to do means they just eat sambar rice, they are not eating properly. - vegetarian meals they are not eating sufficient vegetables, sufficient fruits, sufficient you know sprouts and nuts and all these they are just eating samabar idly, dosa idly, dosa idly, dosa isn't it? Many homes they just eating idly dosa morning night morning night, isn't it? Whatever they eat its all rice nothing but rice With that kind of diet... yes they wont last very long but if you eat proper vegetarian meals then you will see your life gets greatly enhanced. You do one thing, you go on a proper balanced vegetarian diet with atleast 40 - 50% of it live food, uncooked condition you will see.. you will be so much brighter livelier, all your diseases will go away Do you know people go to naturopathy clinic and all their diseases go away...mmm? Just because they change the food pattern Thats the proven fact. Isn't it? Any number of people have dropped their ailments just by changing their food habits. Now you have diabetes, blood pressure even cardiac ailments, for many people for whom you know by-pass surgery dates have been fixed they come to the ashram, stay for six weeks they never go through the surgery they clear off their blocks themselves one part of it is DIET there are other Kriyas and other things which we do but one important part of it is DIET also. How you important you know? Once you are human, you must do everything consciously eating also should happen consciously It is not the question of is this right, is this wrong What is most suitable for the system thats what you should eat Do you know some of the top level athletes have shifted to vegetarian diet these days Most of the martial arts people are all 100% vegetarians Are you aware? Their physical prowess is quite incredible.. You know and most of the martial arts people are vegetarians. Bruce lee was a vegetarian, Do you know that? Yes... because... the flexiblity of the muscle will be lost with too much non-vegetarian food Non-vegetarian food is mainly consumed because you need protein Vegetarian DIET..if it is cooked vegetarian meals generally the protein level is low thats one big mistake thats happening in India is too much cooked vegetarian food - Protein levels are low but you need only 3% of your body's actually protein Almost every vegetable, every fruit if it is eaten in its raw condition, has a necessary protein that your body wants, but when you cook it its not enough With Non-Vegetarian food the protein content is too high if you consume too much of protein it causes CANCER Western countries have far more larger incidents of CANCER than in the eastern countries, one main reason is excessive proteins through non-vegetarian food So... somebody is doing better not just because of their non-vegetarian food A overall sense of well-being has been created in the society, You know? The general living conditions have enhanced How many of... Indian children have even enough space to play.. Tell me? They are living in 1 room, 2 room apartments Isn't it? So how can this child grow up well and live for a long time? It won't happen. See for example If you go, leave the major major cities in America If you go to any medium size towns or villages any simple house, like let us say a middle class house, not even talking about upper middle class lower middle class house means minimum 2-3 acres of land will be there for each house Every house has a slide, has a swing, has a basket ball court so children are like...u know they can run they can climb, they can jump and they can do things, which is not its completely taken away. Isn't it?..Yes and when people when children play and be that active, they naturally eat will, grow well their whole system is in a better condition so it not just the food... Many many conditions which are not there here and the attitude also In India most parents are not physically active Isn't it? Its a... In Tamil Nadu, I think its quite normal for people to believe that the human shape is like know? Human shape is not like this.. human shape is like this Isnt't it? Its quite normal more than 50 - 60 % people are in different shape than what human being should be. Isn't it? So when you are in that kind of condition your physical activity levels will be very low so naturally the body will not last... long enough How many men and women in India swim or play or run or do anything or climb a mountain or cycle.. nothing Isn't it? Its not there, Isn't it so? Very few people are playing a game or going swimming or walking or trekking, very very few people

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 10, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru for information on managing their diet. Sadhguru explains the importance of eating a vegetarian diet containing 40 to 50% live (raw) food. (AO10)

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