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HOM 17 - Evolution is an Alien Design to enslave through Beliefs

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: History of Mankind 17 - Manipulating Nature (Jack) This is Jack again. a bit more on creation, as the interview continues So Basically! what did Anu want? he wanted 'his design', with the help of the Sirians, to exist 'to a certain period', here- on earth, a period of 'evolution' a period where, 'his creation' as him, will prepare 'the way before him' so that he is able to 'return', and 'manifest himself' as, his own creation as the 'god' of his own creation here on earth so that him and his entire race may, manifest here because of the 'gold' It was 'all about the gold' and, Sirians liked it of course, because Anu promised the Sirians that, they- and his him and his race, will also be able to manifest so it was the Siriens, and Anu, and the Serpents, those three That would eventually become the 'god' of this planet Anu said, he doesn't have a problem, to share this planet with them Because the systems, are of the Siriens, the design of the requirement 'to feed' is the Serpents and then of course 'him', which is the design of the human physical 'vessel' which is interesting because basically that would be the, forming of the 'trinity' of the enslavement, of mankind, were 'those three' (smile) the, ok we're now up to the- Livuitiuukus 'they were' the race that assisted with the more, 'specific designs' of, 'nature' They basically manipulated and, let's call it! they were the, "interior" 'decorator of this earth', they specify in You have clay, and you are able to make these most beautiful 'shapes and forms' with clays, specific shapes how-ever you wish and desired to look like So basically to them in terms of the expression of this planet, 'nautre' They were able to form it, play with it, design it, into a 'specific expression' Nature itself, as it exists now has also been, 'manipulated' in terms of the 'requirement to', support, the necessity for the Animals! that were designed by the, Serpents! which was first the dinosaurs, to be able to feed of So that 'because they also' then require nurturing, and this is where the 'entire cycle of Life', or circle of Life or not specifically sure about the terminology but something like that, was placed in and developed You know where you have the can- carnivore, the omnivore and the herbivore 'situation', and, the whole 'chain of' the whole, you know the entire chain of 'Life', if you want to call it that and, so they assisted in that so you had the human physical form feeding off the animals, the animals feeding off the 'plants', and the plants of course, were- to an extent 'fine' still they still remained in their expression, of 'breathing' and nurturing themselves having the ability to sustain themselves Though 'that' also became a problem, because That was not enough! because even now 'the plants', or nature itself as it'd existed couldn't 'Sustain itself as it previously could' and everything started, 'dying' or it it kind of 'collapsed', then of course it started 'disappearing', the expression Though, then that's why Weather was created (sigh) weather as if, is also a form of nurturing the rain so for instance in the rain, they programmed a 'certain essence', the substance Geometrical form substance, if you look at if you look at water drops they they have a specific geometrical structure, 'snow' etc and thus from there they they programmed in the nurturing, for these 'nature expressions' because of the manipulation they had to undergo, to be able to feed the animals which is basically, the dinosaurs at that time, so that the human beings 'are able to eat' and, therefore! the first test-run, they decided: Let's do this test-run It was what you'd, refer to as 'the ape man' and, the dinosaurs, the pre-historic era That went on for a few (overload) million, billion? years but remember, in terms of, the Annunaki during that time, it's not 'really very long', at all It's not. there's one thing the, Annunaki and the Sirians, and the Serpents were, 'great at', was-patience If you have 'patience', as much as they did, I'd say you're Very Dangerous. Because How long has it been that man existed, in this world? and All of these had have been 'a plan' to prepare the way, for the Annunaki the Sirians and the Serpents to be able to once again come, manifest here in this world, within the, systems that have been placed in with you 'in one moment', to program you again So that you may 'prepare' their kingdom, their city to be able to manifest in this world, to exist in this world that's patience. So then you're probably asking: But Anu, obviously still exists! (smile) yah After he realized that the belief of the 'requirement of gold', to exist were just A Belief! it wasn't really so! But! all is specific Yah I sometimes I I actually, I laugh at everything 'to certain extent' you know I'm it's not! it's not a funny situation, understand, please don't - get me wrong I'm I'm laughing from the perspective of 'realizing', how these puzzles 'actually fits' together and How, everything then 'starts making sense' and that's what people Asked! they want to make sense of the reasons of what's going on here!? Why! they are here? why's all these happen? there must be 'a reason'! and as the story flows, you'll "see"! and you'll actually laugh with me because you won't believe it. (smile) but then you will (smile) Thank you. this is Jack Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews Screened Shortly: PW Botha, Rumi, Janis Joplin CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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History of Man 17 - Evolution is an Alien Design to enslave through Beliefs

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