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MyKabbalah Lesson 4 mission 4 Engsmall

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Difficulty and Strength So now you're going through the process and although you learned so much about how the process is are necessary, and bringing you toward fulfillment, you may be understanding all this intellectually, but it's so hard not to be reactive. You may feel the pressure, the stress, the voice of the opponent. What do you do in those situations? You may feel a conflict because you feel how hard it is. At the same time, you want to be proactive and you want to be spiritual about it. Here's a beautiful and such a powerful tool. We spoke about before that force of goodness called the Light, that is there all the time. The Light that is inside our soul. That is the source of all goodness, of clarity, of answers, of peace, of strength. By pausing and asking the Light to be there, to help you. By acknowledging it, we open our vessels to receive so much energy. When we ask the Light for help, we'll get unstuck from our head that is just bombarded with stuff and stuck from running outside for solutions I will connect and be conduits of energy. We'll see that when I open myself up, and I ask for help from the Light, Light. help me to be proactive. Light, help me to be sharing. To embrace the pain, to embrace the process. You'll see and receive the strength that you need in that moment. I know we've never tried this before. It's something new. It's only a matter of practice. We're going to learn in a meditation how to feel that Light. But right now, practice just pausing. In the midst of the pain, in the midst of the situation, and ask the Light for help. Opening my vessel up to receive the strength, the energy the clarity from the soul--from the Light. See you in the meditation.

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