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Healthy Recipe Sweet Potato Pancakes

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(Music) If you're like me you want to make sure that you're family is getting the nutrition that they deserve everyday and breakfast is no exception. So today I want to show you how to make a delicious and fluffy sweet potato pancakes and your kids won't even know it in there Now the thing I like the best about this pancake recipe is that these are really basic and simple ingredients. We're gonna start with the following a really easy sweet potato puree that I just mashed and had steamed in my pressure cooker an egg, some water, a good canola oil, some pumpkin pie spice and finally my pancake and waffle mix If your familiar with my website and how to make your homemade pantry mixes your gonna appreciate one more recipe on how to use this mix in your everyday baking. So here we go. First we're gonna add the water. Put that in the bowl. We cracked our egg. Next goes our sweet potato puree. A great was to add beta carotene and lots of good vitamins to your pancake batter. Then a little bit of pumpkin pie spice, some canola oil, and finally one cup of our homemade pancake and waffle batter Those are all the ingredients and look how easy that is to put together just whisk it, heat up your griddle and give it a little bit of spray, so it won't stick Come on over to my griddle and I'll show you how simple this is to make Now I like to use about a ΒΌ of a cup portion for each pancake. Look at that pretty color and they're just so fluffy You didn't have to use any extra baking soda, baking powder or any of that other stuff. It's all included in your mix. Give it about a minute or two on each side and then flip them over. And then we're gonna pile them up with some beautiful berries. Look at that. Doesn't it look yummy? These are really delicious served with sliced bananas and berries. You can even add a little cream if you want. And here they are. Our luscious sweet potato pancakes made in no time at all. All we need is a little fresh maple syrup. mmm... Doesn't that look delicious? And to think you've added that much more nutrition to an everyday favorite. How fun made do you think your pancakes with sweet potato puree. And see how breakfast can really be healthy. (The end)

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Posted by: jessiechen on Apr 19, 2012

This video teach you how to make health potato pancakes

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