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How to study a lesson on LingQ

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Here's how to get started on the Lesson page at LingQ. When you open a lesson... you will see all new words highlighted in blue. If it's your first lesson, all words are blue. Put your cursor on a blue word and choose 1 of 3 possible hints for this word. These are the most popular hints created by other LingQ members. The word is now LingQed and is highlighted in yellow. It will stay yellow in this and all future lessons until you have learned it. Hovering on a LingQ, shows you its Hint and the phrase in which you first saw it. If you don't like the available Hints or there simply aren't any, create a new hint. Check a variety of dictionary resources and type, copy/paste or drag the appropriate translation into the Hint field. Save the LingQ and your hint now displays. In the sidebar you can see the number of New Words in the lesson. These blue words are those you have not yet come across. As you create new LingQs this number decreases. If you know a blue word, you can click the Known button which changes it to a Known word. When you're finished creating LingQs, click the I know all button to make all remaining blue words Known. There are now 0 New Words since they are all either yellow LingQs or Known. Review and edit your LingQs in the My LingQs list. You should also listen to the audio for the lesson using the player in the sidebar or download and listen on your iPod. You'll want to read the text a few times and listen many times. Then, you'll be ready for another lesson. Of course, subsequent lessons will not have nearly as many blue words. And, if you do find a non-highlighted word or phrase you would like to LingQ, you can simply highlight it and then LingQ it. Happy LingQing!

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Duration: 1 minute and 57 seconds
Country: Canada
Language: English
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Posted by: makaufm on Oct 14, 2009

This video shows how to use the lesson page on LingQ.

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