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Fuel Trailer

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We are facing the decline of the primary energy supply that runs the economy. From market forces: We cannot track 2.3 trillion dollars To armed forces: The United States has elected to pick up a gun and go rob a service station. To forces beyond our control: The fact that Katrina was intolerable was larger oil industry made. There's one element that drives our world. America is addicted to oil. Oil dependence sent one man on a journey to find a solution. May I take your order please? Can I get a medium Sprite... and all your used cooking oil please? Hey man, how many french fries to the acre does that thing get? People were interested. 1988. I'm sitting on the foot of my mother's bed. She's sick. This section of land in Louisiana has the highest number of cancer incidents in the United States. People are sick. People are dying in this state, and it's because of oil processing, Do I tell people the truth, that I grew up hating oil companies? Our search for a replacement of fossil fuel doesn't end today I stopped fighting from anger, and I started looking for partners. What we have to aim for is a technological breakthrough. [Richard Branson] Here. This could be it. This could be the stuff that saves society. [Larry Hagman] Wow. Tastes like peanut oil. The question I get asked all the time, is it too late? What can I do? [Sheryl Crow] The way we live affects the next person, affects our community, affects our country, and ultimately affects the planet. We're borrowing this Earth. [Woody Harrelson] We have to consider what we're leaving to our children. It is going to take everyone to create the world that we're going to have to create to survive. FUEL Coming Soon Get Involved! Text "follow fuel" to 87995

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Posted by: richhenry on Nov 21, 2008

America is addicted to oil...
it's time for an intervention.

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