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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Sex and MindControl - Shi Hello this is Shi, once more and I am here now, speak about sex, and mind control ok- so how human beings, have been kept busy their attention diverted, through watching their telly ok, so human beings each one, let's take a family just, or two in a relationship, living together they have a home, their own home their own room, their own apartment their television, of course 'many' have televisions and then so watching television of course there are interesting, movies and depictions of others in this virtual reality manifestation called 'the television' hugely see beautiful women with pretty bodies or, men with satisfactory nicely developed muscles and both men and women of course see this on the tape and on the television, and they go: Wow secretly! desiring an experience with such a perfect presentation, of a human being whether aware or not, this exist so then, males and females when the males, attracted to males of course you see beautiful males on the television, presented to them with the perfectly, developed muscles and the all women, interested in women, see a beautiful woman with the perfect body shape, and physical that is obviously seeing nowhere in this world normally, by human beings only, on a television so, human beings sitting in front of their television, seeing these beautiful pictures models and- and in movies or- or in soap operas, or- or in adverts they see these beautiful perfect bodies males, interested in females, female interested in males and here it is ah! god and television and such pictures is interesting, is not seeing anywhere in this world so perfect and that's why a secret desire, arises, within human beings and they want to experience themselves, with such human beings and that's when, at a very young age children's sexual system, is activated because now these pictures are implanted into their mind consciousness system activating their sex system and that's when their sex system activated now they want to experience sex, but actually they want to experience sexual intercourse, with the systems that were- with the pictures that were implanted within their mind through the television, at a very young age and then they want to go experience sex and apparently, have a relationship but not really what it is they want a relationship with, is this pictures within their mind that was implanted, through watching the television and now they are chasing- the pictures inside their minds looking for that picture inside their world and then they see, in their world the manifestation of that picture, closely, but not completely and then they want to have an sexual experience with that so, what actually happens, with human beings, is the following: they see these pictures, on the television these pictures are 'imprinted' in their mind through the sexual arousal they experienced now the sexual arousal is connected to the pictures inside their mind 'consciousness system' and now they want to manifest this, that exist within them as an actual experience and then they going chase after that experience by having an actual manifest relationship and have an actual manifested sexual intercourse, with each other and that's how they manifest the pictures and the energetic experience that arouse in them, into this world which they experience and that's how mind control work in this world through the television, and young children are trained from a young age, to setup their relationship system and their mind, and their sexual systems to go into manifested into this world thank you very much this is Shi More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Apr 3, 2010


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