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The School Desk Project

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I'm Nathan Jones, this is part of a project that I'm doing as part of a residency at the Bluecoat. The Poet in Residence residency. The brief was really that the Bluecoat restaurant or bistro is a little bit too impersonal, very polished surfaces. Not the sort of environment, people might necessarily feel that they can banter and argue, and give that like life to the place. So my idea was to carve into the existing tables in there with sort of smutty jokes and little snippets of poetry and things. What I've done is like sent a little brief to some other artists that I really like. Some people have come and sort of responded to that. The idea is that the tables eventually will seem like they are from a classroom that's been inhabited by some sort of children, but like, hyper intelligent sort of children or sort of like kids who have maybe got a slightly wider reading list than you might expect. from a normal school. This bit here like is an example from Phil Marsden who is a comic book artist who works here at the Bluecoat. I think that what I like about that is using the tattoo in the engraving vocabulary but obviously it's almost like better pulled off than what you would see in a usual classroom. Then taking some poems, some like clips of poems of mine, like this from a few years ago. 'I wish I had a girlfriend or at least I wish no one else had one'. Which I thought had a nice adolescent sentiment to it. And then Nick Holloway has done some really nice illustrations here that are like based on medieval engravings, and things like that, that he found in a book. So they are sort of traced and adapted for this purpose. There's another one there. It's not there to remind yourself, you're not like, making a note to remind yourself of something. It's more like, really like a record isn't it. There's a real permanence to writing on a bit of wood. It's a real like honour really to be able to do something that hopefully will be around for a long time and might affect conversations that go on there. Drunken conversations in the bar.

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Country: United Kingdom
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Director: Tim Brunsden
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Posted by: mrjonesy on Dec 21, 2009

The School Desk Project - new ways to distort old graffiti from Nathan Jones.

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