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yj for 1 one

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My mom is busy Can't even rest during Chuseok Yeah, no she can't even rest during Chuseok Mom, what is your dream? My dream? My dream... is to make you guys independent ASAP, and I want your dad and me to be more, free. Thank you. Grow up quickly Thank you for sacrificing your freedom for us. Grow up quickly and spread your wings Go and become an independent Your dad and me--we want to live just the two of us, freely. It would be nice if Jungyeon came soon. Jungyeon switched medicines two days ago, and ever since, I think she's been starting to eat. She's been eating well. That's a relief. Yesterday I made 매운탕 (spicy soup) and she actually ate three times. Other days, she doesn't eat even once. Originally? Yeah. Originally she doesn't eat at all. She doesn't even try to eat. But yesterday she was saying the food was just right, just what she wanted. And she ate the 매운탕 3 times. That's great. So I bought ingredients to make more 매운탕, but who knows if I'll be able to make it exactly the same. Right now, I'm here at my mom's work place after finishing 학원. I can see her over there but the camera is not focusing right... No, not the bag strap! ... Oh, good. I think a mom's sacrifice is truly incredible. If (I were in this position) and it was this difficult to raise children, I think I would've run away. But because of what my mom has shown me, even if while raising children or something tough happens in my family later on, I think I'll try hard to overcome those difficulties. Hey, your breath smells foul. It smells like shit. It's coming from you. You have nothing to say for yourself, right? Show me your phone background. Explain it to me. Van Gogh's Starry Night. Starry Night? Yup. Are you sure it's Starry Night? Yeah, I think it's right. Show me the entire picture. Hmm where was it... It's not Starry Night. Yeah, it's a different one. It IS Van Gogh. / It is? It does kinda seem so. / Yeah the drawing style is Van Gogh. I don't know what this picture is called though. Gogh... Is it not Munch? No. / It's Van Gogh? / Probably. Although I don't quite remember. I think it is Van Gogh. What kind of art do you like? What's this? Just a picture I had. When are you going to school? I don't know. / You still don't know yet? / No. According to ___ (?), he said you were going next week. / Yeah, I will. You really wanted to go to (=missed) school, didn't you? / Yeah. This - it looks small but it's actually really big. It's only because it was taken from afar. But if you go close, it's actually very big. What did/do you want to do at school? / Hmm... nothing. You know how you just saw the preview of the documentary? / Yeah. You know how you, Jungyeon, don't know anything about high school-. / Yeah. What do you think high school will be like? I think it will be fun. / You think it'll be fun. Here, a photo. / What is this? / That photo from before. / Mm. / Just part of it. Ah, I like it. I'm going to save it. I wish you would learn photography. I'm going to farm. / Farm? / Yeah. / Where? / In Cheonan. / Cheonan? / Yes. What kind of farming do you want to do? / Rice farming. Is there anything else you want to farm? What made you think this all of a sudden? I'm investing in business with future potential. Then you'll have to return to the countryside/rural areas. Told you, I'm going to invest in forward-looking businesses. You're just going to invest? You're not going to farm yourself? I will farm. This too. This part... But why is farming forward-looking (=Why do you say farming has a lot of future potential?)

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yj for 1 one

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