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What is Kabbalah - ENGLISH

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Do you want more from life? And perhaps more importantly, do you think life has more to give you? Underlying everything in life is total order and structure a spiritual system, if you will And this is Kabbalah, the explanation of all the secrets of life and this system of understanding changes your world because now there is no more coincidences Just think about that for a second, imagine how it would feel to hold all the tools to expand your consciousness to a place where you can recognize the cause and effect of all things that have ever happened to you and will ever happen to you, how would it feel to suddenly open your eyes to that intimate connection between you and your soul and the entire universe around you? What is your purpose in life? What is the reason for which you were born? It takes a particularly strong soul to understand this. It’s not easy to take total responsibility for your life, it’s much easier to look outside and to blame your partner, your boss your mother-in-law, play victim The kabbalists created a study path demonstrating if you want to get further in life, you gotta get deeper Well how? If part of your purpose and fulfillment and success is to add, and to change and to grow and ultimately, to really evolve then the greatest enemy to our success is you running from that change running from our evolution And that’s the real playground of life each and every day, for example how to find where you are actually rejecting the very success you think you crave? How to identify the places where you are over reactive losing control in the very areas you’re trying to gain control? What is the ego within? Where are all those hidden beliefs and behaviors consistently letting you down? Why did you attract that person or those events in the first instance? Because if we are not learning these lessons the kabbalists teach that we are stuck in a groundhog day we've all been there, different relationships, same outcomes change job? same boss, move country? same challenges chase us. Why? For one reason: you can’t run for yourself. So how then, to manifest real proactive formulas? The ancient spiritual tools to give you a real next level, a real new connection to life and all of its fulfillment and success, how to understand and manifest these secrets of life, the tried and tested 4000 years of tools you’ll have the power to choose where your destiny really lies? Kabbalah Centre – Knowledge to Change your life.

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What is Kabbalah - ENGLISH

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