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Text Editor from SkyDrive with HTML5

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[male interviewer] All right, I'm over here in Building 88 with the SkyDrive team and talking to Greg. Greg, tell me who you are and what you do here at Microsoft. [Greg Edmiston] I'm a Program Manager on the web app. [male interviewer] And what types of things do you do over here? [Greg Edmiston] I work on the UI for the SkyDrive web app and some of the awesome features that we'll be talking about today. [male interviewer] All right, tell me some of these awesome features. You're going to announce this Tuesday. Is that right? [Greg Edmiston] We are! We are! So one of our most common user requests for the SkyDrive web app is the ability to view and edit text files in the browser. So with Office documents, we already do a really kick-ass job with viewing and editing and collaborating on documents within the browser. But we have some Notepad junkies and developers and geeks who love working with plain text documents. [male interviewer] Everyone loves Notepad. >> [Greg Edmiston] Absolutely. For things like to-do lists or scraps of notes or source code— code types and code snippets— >> [male interviewer] Grocery lists. [Greg Edmiston] Absolutely. Absolutely. So we've teamed up with the developer division here, and we are shipping a really cool HTML5-based text editor to the web. [male interviewer] What are the types of things people would use this for? You talked about pairing with the developer community here. It's not specifically for developers. Anyone could use this for typical Notepad-type files, right? [Greg Edmiston] Absolutely. We're great with plain text, but we have a bunch of features that make this really great with code files, as well, for developers who want to use that. So for the developer side, we're great at collaborating on personal projects and snippets. SkyDrive is not an IDE. We're not a replacement for Visual Studio, and we're not a replacement for Team Version Control, but it's great for academic projects, personal projects, prototypes— things where you have little bits of code or little text files that might be sitting on your hard drive. With SkyDrive, they're synced to all of your devices, and now you can share them on the web and view them anywhere. [male interviewer] Can we take a look? >> [Greg Edmiston] Absolutely. >> [male interviewer] Let's see this. [Greg Edmiston] So I'm going to open up Notepad here, and I'll make a new text file. Hello world! And I'm going to save this to my SkyDrive as text.txt. So of course all documents are automatically synced with SkyDrive, so this will upload to the cloud, and then I'm going to show you what this document looks like within the web browser. So I'm going to head over to, and here's my text file. I click on it, and here's the SkyDrive Text Editor, so I can just— if I wanted to add in lines here— Hello demo! And if I want to save it, I just click Save. [male interviewer] It saves right up to the cloud. >> [Greg Edmiston] Right up to the cloud. So of course the more exciting demo is Source Code. I'm going to open up a CSS code file here. And you can see that we have line numbers, we have syntax highlighting, and all that pretty stuff that makes it great to share and look at source code. If I share this out, recipients get exactly the same experience. If I want to make some lightweight edits on the go, I can actually insert my cursor here, and let's say I want to add a font here to this title— as I start typing, we get completion suggestions. I'll just press Tab, and there we go. Of course if there's multiple matches, you can use Ctrl + Space, just like in Visual Studio, and you get a list of autocomplete options. So let's be fancy here, and I'll choose small caps. I'm going to choose font variants. I'll just press Ctrl + Space again. Small caps. And there we go. [male interviewer] Real nice. And you can share this with anyone, right? [Greg Edmiston] Absolutely. So I can get a link to this document, click on Sharing, click Get a Link, and I can even give someone edit access, so I'll click View and Edit, and now I have a URL that I can get to anyone, and give them access to this file. [male interviewer] Very nice. So if I came in here, and I did a little HTML, could I save it and then host a web page on there, or is that not what this is for? [Greg Edmiston] SkyDrive does not let you host HTML pages today. We think Azure is really great for that, but we don't let you host from SkyDrive. [male interviewer] Nice. What other types of features will developers be familiar with on here? [Greg Edmiston] One really cool one is Find and Replace. We get code hints on hover, so here I can say, "Oh, okay. This is what that color is. I don't have a great imagination for what EE12CC might look like." But if I select this, I can do Find. We see all the matches in the document. On the scrollbar, we see all the matches indicated here, and I can just expand this out, and I can choose to replace this. Let's choose red. I'll choose Replace All. And all of the matches are replaced. If I share this out— so I'm going to grab that sharing link, and let me open a new browser window. So let's say that someone else opens this text file and makes some changes. They prefer Tahoma for the font. Greg, I love Tahoma. And then they save the text file. SkyDrive actually helps prevent conflicting changes. If I'm editing at the same time, and then I go and make a change, like text-align: left. And I save, I get notified that there are conflicting changes in the document. When I choose Compare Changes, we see—oh, this is the font family change that someone else made, and these are my changes here on the right, and if I'd like to merge these together, I can just copy this in, fix it so they're the same, and now I've merged them. I click Save My Version, and we have a complete version with everyone's changes. [male interviewer] Very nice. And so this is going to be rolled out as soon as we get this video up. How do people get to use it? Just go right into Start, Save, and decide SkyDrive? [Greg Edmiston] Yeah, just go to, upload any text file, and get started. [male interviewer] And it goes off of the extension .txt? [Greg Edmiston] Yup, we support text, CSS, Java Script, HTML, C#, PHP, Ruby, Python— a bunch of languages. You can test it with just about any text file you have on your computer. [male interviewer] Excellent. Thanks for talking to us today. [Greg Edmiston] Thanks for having me. []

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Posted by: duncanma on Jul 31, 2013

Today SkyDrive is announcing a new update that includes some great new features. The update includes expanded photo management features and support for high DPI screens. Now will look at the DPI scale of your device and show you higher resolution photos and thumbnails if your display supports it. Greg Edmiston from the SkyDrive team walks us through the text editor.

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