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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~20:53:16 - 21:08:12

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—Wow! Awesome!

—Where it is? Where it is? The tickets?

—Come on guys, pay attention to the line!

—Come on Taiz.


[inaudible] —Wait, wait... I'll explain

Put yourself in front, we go all together. —Yo-man thanks! —We go all together, the fun is everybody going together isn't it brother? —The man filming this show gave the idea, who's speaking now, and everyone must go together. —Please remain in the line, bro, otherwise it will be difficult to put someone in front, got it? No fi, I turn it into a brawler, the fun is brawl fi... hah! —Let's see who can drive here, that is prepared to have a license. Hey Edimar, give me a little bit of that, Edimar. Fuck! —This is going to appear on TV? —It will show in National Geographic. —It has nine cars? —It's only nine, brother! —How are we going to do with only nine cars? —The pilot is coming! —and Fatty, he will time to get here, right? [inaudible] And there isn't a bus? [inaudible] He's playing hard to get, that's what I think. —It takes too long to make this shooting? —A few years, a few stories. —Ah? A few years, a few stories. How many years does it take to do it? Ah This has already taken four years, but I already had four more years. [inaudible] —Hey guys, come here. —On whose's croup? —Only the car. —But she wants to drive alone. —So, let her drive for you —She wants to go alone? —Hey Ana! —There's a car left for me to drive alone, I'm driving too? Alone? Ohh Carlinha I'm going to drive alone too? You can go with us, right? Some of us are riding double, I'll go alone. —Ahh I got it, you go alone. —And there's a car left to go alone or double. —I got it, let's see, it's almost our turn. —Who? Why? Man? —Got it? Got it? —No, but it's like this, brother, This buddy was from California, he studied the jargon from there, and now he is studying the jargon from here. I'm already teaching him some stuff. —My name? —It's in my name? —Oh no! It has to be possible man. I don't believe it! No, It's already riding this other ride —Yes? You're not going in this one, right? It's going in another ride. —So what, it's going to happen? In this other ride? —Yes, yes. —It fits two riders? —Yes. —It's two in one car. It's two in one car or a car for each one. It's ten cars. —Ah, two riders in one car, then everyone can go. —Ah, but the fun is on driving, right? —Do you want to go alone? Ah, the fun is on driving? I can go with someone else, but if I drive, it's ok. I'm a pilot, see? When I play soccer I'm... The fun of it is when you drive. —No, I think we're seven persons now and we're going all together. —Is it going to work out?? —I think it will. Do you want to go the three of you? —No, right? —I think if we go, you cannot go. It will be one car left. —Hey, your friend convinced me to go with you. —We are eleven, but four of us will double ride, right? —Yes, two... four persons will double ride, in two cars. Then, it will be cars left... It will be seven cars left. It's not two persons... it's eleven. —Ten cars, two of them will take two persons, it remains eight cars. —Eight left. —I thought it was eleven cars. —It remains eight cars. —Then, that's it. —And we are eleven persons. One left. —Then, it's one without counting us? Well, whatever, I think that dude and I will go in a car. —No, we are going in two, everyone, or at least we will. —We are eleven and with you... —Five more. —Thirteen, thirteen, it's sixteen. —Several persons will go double riding. —Then, it works, it's enough! It's still possible for you to go alone. —Well, I'm not individualistic, but... —Then, now we are twenty persons. —Right. —It will be cars left —Still it will be cars left. —I want to go alone. —But, it's after that ride, right? —Right. —It's possible for you to go alone still. —Waiting for one more ride, still. —It has been a long time since I last rode in these cars, brother. —Me too. The last time I went, it was in Playcenter, brother. I was about to go in this track, slipped, fell, dirtied my trousers. Everyone almost died laughing. And then I said "look for you too, here" Fuck it! —Oh, come on get in line! Afterwards, you cannot get in line! Get in line! —Hey you, as you are four, you're out of it. You are a group of four, you'r biting off more than you can chew. —I'm driving and she's taking pictures!

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Global Lives Brazil - 20d

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