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[THEME MUSIC] >>WILLIAM HENRY: Here is a brief overview of what is to come. We will begin with the belief that our divine sparks are also known as cosmic eggs. Cultures the world over and spanning millennia taught that our individual eggs are part of a greater whole. How did all these ancient civilizations learn this? Were their cosmic messengers that brought them this knowledge? We'll look in depth at the blue sphere that the soul travels in. In tradition after tradition, we learn that our soul is capable of manifesting a blue sphere that it can travel the cosmos upon. Again, where did this idea come from, and where possibly can the soul go to? Perhaps the ultimate question we're going to explore is, how are our souls created? Whether you believe in a God creator or an ancient alien intelligent design or whatever tradition you subscribe to, there are basically three theories about how our souls were created. One says your parents create your soul. A second says that God created it. And a third says, you did it yourself, and you will be responsible for your own ascension as well. Do you have more than one soul? This is a very deep, but necessary, conversation for your soul exploration and developing your soul plan. Another important question is, why does gold symbolize the soul? Is it really true that extraterrestrials came here long ago to mine gold, or is it possible they were actually here for souls? The oldest human stories involve gold, but is it really about soul? Were extraterrestrials sent here in order to help our souls to ascend, and is our physical human body actually proof of the existence of these extraterrestrial beings? Does everyone have a soul? I recently had a conversation with an ET insider who told me that the US government once held an extraterrestrial biological entity. And this being told them that the number of souls in the universe is finite, while the number of containers, or vessels for souls, was infinite. Is this actually the case? I have been told by shamans that souls line up for the possibility of a human incarnation. Human embodiment, they say, is one of the most precious things in the universe, so we want to make sure that we're taking advantage of this precious gift that we have been offered. Earth is considered to be a playground and a school for the soul, and in order to matriculate, we must master the matrix of matter. So we're going to take a look at what we know about matter from the soul's perspective and how we can manipulate that matter as well. Numerous spiritual traditions tell us the soul chooses to manifest, or grow a human body, in order to evolve. We're going to have to talk about karma in order to understand this process of soul evolution because our time on Earth is finite. And our bodies are fragile, so we need to make sure that we're using this time as wisely as possible, taking care of our physical vessel as best as we can. We'll look at some tips for doing that as well. We are challenged, each of us, internally and externally, to do great things with the precious time we have in these bodies, while also struggling to survive and succeed, all the while dealing with our own limitations, sufferings, fears, and interpersonal conflicts, before our time is up. Later, we will also discuss the quantum wave-particle duality of the body and soul and how learning to fluidly shift between these two states is one of our ultimate goals. This is going to take us into one of my favorite subjects, the body as a stargate. Is it possible that this divine spark within us manifest the body as a portal? That is such an incredible question, and I'm going to present to you some awesome evidence that that, in fact, is true. We'll also look into the story of the birth of Hatshepsut, the Egyptian pharaoh. In 1400 BC, her soul was conducted into her body by the god, Amun. She was a starchild, and as we'll see, this story is repeated 1,400 years later in the birth of Jesus. Can today's science match this feat? Can we actually take a soul from one container and put it into another? We'll see. The divine spark and the butterfly symbolize the soul, but so does the egg and the bee and the serpent. We'll begin to take a look at the meaning of this symbolism and why it's so mind-blowing to understand it. We'll also look at the hero's journey from the soul's perspective. Discovered by Joseph Campbell in the early 20th century, the hero's journey is the path running through the heart of all great myths and stories from all over the world. Heroes and heroines take the same journey. Whether we were born in 2000 BC or 2000 AD, we are all on the soul's path of ascension, and essentially this story is divided into three parts-- separation, initiation, and return, or ascension. It's all one journey, and we are all the heroes of this journey. Did you know that there is an identifiable path that leads to our soul's graduation? Knowing this path provides the map, and it also will tell you where you're at in your soul's ascension plan. We'll look at the Native American traditions concerning what they called the path of souls. It's incredible the way Native American tradition tells us how the soul's path of initiation and ascension has been mapped for millennia. The journey into the stars is well known by the Native Americans, and I know you're going to find this absolutely fascinating. The Native Americans left us with clear instructions for navigating the afterlife. So as you can see, we have a lot to explore, so let's get started. [THEME MUSIC]

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