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Czech TV Prima reports on Liberland 18-11-2016

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More and more people worldwide are interested in citizenship of liberland, which was established last year between Serbia and Croatia. Today there are 440,000 requests for citizenship Founder liberland wants to start with the colonization soon. Residents of seven square kilometers should live on houseboats. _ _ For under the law of self-determination, the right of discovery and rights of self-government we held the following: declare the existence of Liberland. April 13, 2015 on the anniversary of the birth of President Thomas Jefferson (author of the American Declaration of Independence) 3 Czechs declared on ,,no man's land‘‘ between Serbia and Croatia new state. - According to them, it should be truly free, so got a distinctive name – Liberland. So far in this area no one lives, but that should be changed soon. It will be the first major event on November 28, when we will have the first boat there forever. But from next year we will have houseboats. - Will be there as weddings or social events. We want to go could permanently reside up to 300 people at the end of next summer. - 33-year-old president want to relocate to liberland. - So far he has residing problem with the Croatian police. The question is, what happens until we are become internationally recognized and until there starts to build. It may happen that logs in 30 million people, and we will have to choose. - - The key to choosing, we can only guess. Only 120,000 people should have the possibility of settlement. Marcela Svobodová – Prima FTV Translation: Tibor Čáslava

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