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Una conversación solamente

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«Just one conversation» Andreu Buenafuente and Pepe Rubianes I have a very good comedian friend, Raul, who says that if he thinks for more than half an hour he has a wank [ha, ha, ha] That seems to me a definition too...of the... [HA, HA, ha, ha] Fuck Raul is going to.... Yes [HA, HA, HA, HA, Ha, ha] Well he's a... Well I've sometimes had a wank without thinking I've had my hands free... Yes Stop it damn it! humph..he's gone, well there you go - entertaining stuff I don't masturbate that much,because...well because I make myself angry Why? Well because I see myself just like this camera here sees me I see myself...outside myself Like from an outside perspective...and then I say... I think ...what are you doing?What...what are you doing? Maybe its because you've done it a lot...hey? well, I think...loads Yeah maybe But I think its like a date with yourself no? It's sex with yourself, well...we're used to go in search of sex,a shag...the union between man and woman or two men or two women or whatever it might be , no? the joining of two bodies, no? yeah so its an exploration of yourself, its that - its a moment of intimacy when your mind wanders and... and,and... and..damn it you get the best of yourself Yes?No? Well at least you like it Does it ever happen to you that when... I dont know anybody or know of anybody who's masterbated and have provoked a bad reaction, a bitterness, its produces this kind of bitter...I sometimes think of jjust jacking ti in Yes And it's sometimes happened where,and I dont know if this has happened to you,you go out with a woman you fancy and and then, afterwards discover that she's the biggest bloody idiot the end you dont see the person you just see a pile of meat and you say to yourself. Damn!Fuck! I'm better off giving myself my own pleasure Yeah Then carrying on with this idio No? And,and,and,and... and sometimes I've looked for excuses and I've said...Come on dman it! I have to go tomorrow to the Buenafuente program, I use you like in another era I used Sarda or almost all of those on the radio at that time I've used them Hell! tomorrow I have to go on this program, eh , excuse the... Are we still talking about women and sex now?I thought we'd carry on a bit longer No We've already talked about that!No? That isnt... isnt sex, no? its a way of saying "look I'm going home now" I'll have a wank thinking about someone else Yes And I've slept like God! when you masturbate thinking, thats when women pass you like slides You know those (chiqui chiqui) that... ...more then women its tits that come to me tits? Yeah I'm a titofile, that is to say eh... I had a problem when I was a kid my Mum couldnt breast feed me And she gave me to a godmother of mine, who had breasts like that ballon [Ha, ha. ha] so its a bit like that film, by that Italian director «Fellini» Fellini You're a «Fellini» fan you? Yes, eh, more a savage way no? I go for the body part that most attracts me, that it, that is the tits Yeah So more than the face of a woman, its more about huge breasts and I wank like a monkey, and afterwards I climb the branch and go to sleep Yeah, whats charming about you is that you're so sincere when you say it Well maybe some woman's going to see this and feel offended because you just focus on her tits, but you dont hide it -its your truth No? Well, Damn it! yes Fuck! tits turn me on if you want me to say to say that they dont well damn you to hell fucking is what it is I'm talking about a purely animal act Yeah...dont you believe it there are women who get so turned on by a blokes dick yes look and if they masturbate they'll be thinking of that big dick yes that they saw one day...well for me its the opposite For me sometimes, as if just to scare me they've said - "You're going to finish up like «Rubianes»" [Ha ha ha] Yeah [Ha, ha][ha, ha] then.... because they see me all alone and so on, No? so we could define this just to calm everyone down - What do you mean by finishing up like «Rubianes»? Ins't? well...I don't really know either, isn't? Although I promise its scares me a , yeah sometimes I'm alone and I say "you're going to finish up like Pepe" Man I'd prefer to end up like, like myself [ha, ha] than like other people I know... «Just one conversation» Andreu Buenafuente and Pepe Rubianes Subtitles:Monoxibaro Entire interview available in libray's media of (Spanish)

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Duration: 4 minutes and 30 seconds
Year: 2007
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Producer: El Terrat
Director: Andreu Buenafuente
Views: 215
Posted by: mondoxibaro on Jun 21, 2009

[ES] Extracto de una conversación inédita en televisión entre Andreu Buenafuente y Pepe Rubianes, grabada el 5 de julio de 2007 en Barcelona.
[GAL] Extracto dunha conversa inédita en televisión entre Andreu Buenafuente e Pepe Rubianes, grabada o 5 de xulio de 2007 en Barcelona.
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