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My name is Mohab Ghanem and I am introducing my project about accidents. Right now, I have one of the most important motorcycle drivers in all of Egypt. Mr. Hazem El Toukhy I just wanted to ask you three questions, if you don't mind. Go ahead What is your opinion on the accidents in Egypt? The accidents in Egypt are varied and a lot To the extent that Egypt currently occupies the first place in the world in terms of size and number of road accidents. Ok then, what is your opinion on the causes of these accidents? I, from my own point of view and that of many researchers on this topic that the causes are linked to 3 or 4 main reasons The first reason is the poor planing of the roads in Egypt Second reason is the drivers' , whether car drivers or motorcycle drivers lack of consideration of traffic instructions and rules. The third reason is that of personal mistakes caused by the lack of awareness and the cultural level is not raised about the safe driving Ok, of course you've had an accident before. You have been driving motorcycles for so long Definitely I want you to tell me something about the accidents you've had I can tell you about a personal accident and it was a result of a personal mistake I can also tell you why the rate of motorcycle accidents has increased If I talked about my personal accident One of the times, I was driving a motorcycle for a very very long distance and the temperature was high and I continued driving for 450 kilometers nonstop This resulted in that I eventually had an accident Because as long as you travel long distance you have to consider that you have to take enough rests between every driving period So that both your brain and body could reenergize Concerning others We think that people who ride motorcycles or the the people who drive cars They don't have enough awareness and knowledge of traffic laws and instructions And behaving according to them As a result, we observe a lot of underage drivers Or even amateurs and professionals, we see them sometimes driving without the safety gear that should always be present Or motorcycle and car drivers they don't care much about traffic laws concerning dealing with motorbikes Thank you Thank you so much. Mohab Ghanem with you, interviewing Mr. Hazem El Toukhy The best of all motorbikes riders And he's a really respectful person for agreeing to do this interview

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File Dec 27, 4 05 08 PM

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