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Our Family Wedding

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Your parents are going to love me. They'll love me because I love you. (narrator) This is Lucia... Hi Daddy! Hi Angel. ...and this is her family. Give me the keys to the other truck - I'll tow the cars myself. You know you don't pedal with your feet anymore, right? Times have changed. (narrator) This is Marcus... Pops! ...and this is his family. Hey-hey-hey-hey! Hey, stop. That's my car. It's on the hook. I got here before you had it on the hook. Oh, what - you don't understand English? [speaks a Spanish phrase] bye-bye! (narrator) Now, their two worlds.... Mom! ...are about to collide. You! You towed my car. (hispanic man) What's the big deal, brother? Brother? I'm not your brother, hombre! Hombre? Dad... We're getting married. What? Yep. We are. Yay. [music: "War" - Edwin Starr] Aye carumba! Just wait till you meet him. Buenos Dias! [shriek] [thud] Do not ruin this for her. He is in love, and he wants to get married. It could be a traditional Mexican wedding. Both cultures have to be represented, and we have a lot of African American traditions Like what? The electric slide. Don't worry - it's going to be like a bunch of Speedy Gonzales' runnin' all over the place. Arriba! Arriba! (narrator) This spring, When I'm with Marcus, I don't see brown or black - isn't that how you raised me? Do you want to know the dirty little secret of raising kids? Lying. (narrator) Save the date... You are about to witness power, my friend. [music "This Will Be" - Natalie Cole] Aaaaaah! Oh. ...because this is one wedding party... ... you won't want to miss. It got in my hair - are you serious? Forest Whitaker America Ferrara Carlos Mencia Lance Gross Regina King Look at this beautiful woman. I'm so proud of you, son. ♪ Hugging and squeezing and kissing and pleasing together, forever, through rain or whatever ♪ [bleating] The goat is for Mexican celebration. Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa. [scream] ♪ This will be an everlasting love ♪ This goat - is eating my Viagra. [long bleat] Hey-hey-hey-hey - what the... [women groan] [bleating] [captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Feb 23, 2010

Our Family Wedding Captioned Trailer

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