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Arevik Hayrapetyan - Global Inspirational Voices

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Hi. I am Arevik from Armenia and this is my contribution to the Global Inspirational Voices Initiative led by the World Network of Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs. In this video I would like to share with you some of my thoughts and reflections about the importance of innovative entrepreneurship in building a better world. First, I'd like to touch upon the problem which concerns me a lot. So, for centuries people have been fighting against each other in order to gain more and more natural resources. After possessing these resources people have been consuming them in a way which made a lot of harm and damage to the nature, to the environment. As a result, a large number of forests have been destroyed, a lot of species of birds and animals have become extinct, we are also confronted with a big problem of air and water pollution. So, do you think this is the picture of [a] world we or future generations would like to live in? Exactly not! So, what can be the solution in order to at least preserve what we have now? My idea is that it is high time we stopped being “greedy” consumers of natural resources. It is high time we understood that natural resources are not unlimited. And it is the time now to start creating [for] ourselves what we need. And innovative entrepreneurship can be [a] really powerful tool to meet global challenges, to preserve nature [and] environment and [to] make better lives for ourselves and [for] future generations. I think that innovative thinking can be a real way to innovative entrepreneurship. For me personally innovative thinking means to dream big, without any borders [or] limitations, to be creative, to imagine, and to see [the] opportunity of a better change in every problem. Believe me, no one... absolutely no one is born as an entrepreneur and there is nothing supernatural about innovation. And every human being has the potential to become an innovative entrepreneur. And now I am addressing to you, the one who is now watching this video. I am sure at least once in your life you have asked yourself: “What can I do in order to make our world a better place…" Right? And I also believe that in your mind you have at least one great idea on how to make this change, but you never act because your idea seems quite impossible for you to implement. So, I think that it’s high time for you, for me and for each of us to start taking actions. Please go out, see the problems, challenge yourself, think, innovate and most importantly bring your ideas into life, because THE WORLD NEEDS YOU!!! I am really hoping that this video was really inspiring for you. Thanks for watching and good luck with your journey as an innovative entrepreneur.

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Producer: Arevik Hayrapetyan
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Posted by: smartalgorithm on May 25, 2013

There is a strong potential in every human being to become an innovative entrepreneur! This video will tell you how to do that... Good luck!

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