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HOM 6 - The Atlanteans and Atlantis

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This is Jack. As everything became manifested in/on this planet, so did the gold; and the problem came when they realized that if this becomes so manifested, they won’t have access here. They need a plan; that’s why Anu went to the Atlanteans and said, “Listen. We’re going to have a problem. Because everything’s starting to manifest to such an extent that--I’m CERTAIN--one day, we’re not going to get access here; and it’s giving us ALSO an opportunity to exist infinitely.” Of course, the Atlanteans LOVED their planet, because it’s them. The planet was as them, was an expression of them; which was manifesting, and they weren’t. They really thought that they would manifest as well, because they were of this planet; and they couldn’t understand it. Then, the Atlanteans said, “Okay. You may. You may manifest your plan. Let’s see what you come up with; and then we’ll take it into consideration again.” Now, for Anu, he knew--‘Shit. Fuck.’ --he had a problem, because he needs gold. If he doesn’t have gold, he can’t exist; and it’s going to be a problem, because he exists interdimensionally, not necessarily manifested. It’s the gold that manifested. He needs to manifest his city here on Earth, he has to. He has to survive; and for him, he’ll do whatever it takes. That’s interesting, because it was more about him than anything else. He knew he needed gold to exist, because gold [laughs]- -they believed gold was that which gave them the ability to exist, to shape-shift; to be as ‘what they are’ is from gold/they get from gold. If they don’t have gold, they’re nothing, they’re worthless, they die. Now, you’re probably asking where the human form comes from; let’s go there. The Atlanteans. The Atlanteans had a very fascinating form, which is almost like the human form; though taller, much taller. Slender; all (both male and female) were reasonably slender in expression. They had feet. They had their hands. They were beautiful, though; they were really beautiful beings- -magnificent, flawless, perfect [laughs]. It’s those beings which you see in one moment. Imagine--I’m certain (excuse me, I just have to put this in to kind of explain to you) -I’m certain men see women sometimes (now this is EVEN for MEN, this experience, when I’ve seen males there, in terms of the Atlanteans’ expression), if you see a woman walking and you just look at her, and you’re just like [“breathless”/in awe], and everything STOPS for a moment; and all that exists in that moment is just that woman walking there--something like that. I’m sure many men have experienced that; hey just can’t take their eyes off a woman. It’s like ‘hypnotized,’ to a certain extent, like you’re under some spell; that’s what I experienced when looking at the Atlanteans. It’s not that I see them male/female, per se; it was just their presence. It was just beautiful. You know, their movement, it was sound--imagine a manifested sound movement; the flow of it, the sound as their voices that they’re communicating in, their expression. Yeah, so, in other words [laughs], let’s just remember that. So, the physical human form came from the Atlanteans’ form. The Atlanteans, and then there’s also another planet. The shape, I’d say, comes from the Atlanteans; though, the stability-shape, the more fine-tuning of it, came from another planet. Because they realized then they needed a comfortable form in which they move comfortably/easily. Because they realized they required to develop a vessel; a type of vessel that will sustain them on this Earth. Now, the PLAN was to basically just form this vessel, be able to come into it and move around--oh, god, it’s almost just like the Portal [laughs]--like move into it, and then do what is necessary to be done, and then move out again. But, that also wouldn’t work, because the gold was starting to actually manifest, and it’s just not going to work if they take the gold from here interdimensionally--because it just won’t work. So, Anu says, “I’ll deal with that later; let me just focus on designing a vessel, a form of sorts”; and that’s where Enki and Enlil come in. Now, Enlil was more developed in designing the--let’s call it, for instance, ‘what was exactly required for this physical vessel to be sustained on this manifested planet.’ You know, for instance, the hairs you have on your physical body, what it does--your eyes, your eyelids, your hair--things like that. In terms of the actual female/male manifestation, like the vagina and the penis--didn’t exist yet. Firstly, it was merely really just very straight manifestations. You didn’t see, like, the elbow; it [arm] was basically straight. Yet, it was able to move [bend where the elbow is]; it was one movement. You didn’t have this little knob there [grabs the ‘knob’ of the elbow]. The hands were also very straight, very strong; bigger, actually, than the physical manifestation. The head was just a normal round head. You had eyes, of course. Okay, I’ll continue in my next interview. Thanks.

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History of Man 6 - The Atlanteans and Atlantis

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