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Murage Ishori / Education as Heritage

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Plan Rwanda presents EDUCATION AS HERITAGE I am fed up with these household chores. The cow needs to be fed. Let me feed it with this little hay I have here. I am really so tired and bored with these household chores. There is always something to be done! How boring can household chores be? Now I have to wash dishes and do so much more, how can I handle all this alone? Really, I am tired of this. Nyiramasaka, Nyiramasaka! Why are you complaining? Look at all of this work I have to do. The dishes! I am tired of this. What's the problem? Why are you complaining so much! I am tired of this. Where is Mukeshimana by the way? Don’t you know that she has gone to school? How are you mother? Hello Hello. Dad is here too, how are you dad? Hello my daughter. Hello. So, what have you studied? Sums, Kinyarwanda and French. Kinyarwanda and what? You make me laugh dad, I say French dad and you fail to pronounce it. You too, tell me what you have studied Let me tell you all. Charles stole Peter’s hen and the latter made him wear the feathers when he caught him. It is true that old habits die hard. All the village people are witnesses. That’s women’s gossip. What I am saying is true. It can’t be, I trust Charles, he can’t do that. And I’m telling you it's true. I can’t believe it; it must be gossip. Oh no, the whole village witnessed it. I am leaving, that surely must be gossip. My daughter let us stop stories now. Go and bring some firewood and I’ll prepare dinner. At least when your father is back, he shall find some food ready. Good afternoon mum. Hello. Hello. Why have you come so early from school? Is everything alright? We have been sent early to inform you to get ready to attend tomorrow’s meeting at school. I will inform your father as soon as he is back. Okay. Time to cook the beans. How do you do Kimonyo’s family? Hello? Fine, how are you? We are well, and how are you? Fine. I have come to ask whether your daughter was also sent to inform you about tomorrow’s meeting at her school. Yes she has, I’d thought she was lying. Tomorrow I am not available, because I have to attend the widows’ meeting. Imagine I have not attended in two weeks. Would you mind if someone from here represents me, as you represent your daughter? I sure will tell my husband to do so. Thank you, let me now go prepare for the widows’ meeting. After two Weeks My daughter why are you crying? What is wrong? I have been chased out of school because you never attend the school meetings and they consider it disrespectful. But I had told your father to attend it. Oh God. Calm down dear. Keep your books. Why so much noise in my house? Didn’t I ask you to attend your daughter’s meeting at school? She has been chased because you did not attend. I even wonder why she goes to school. Why can’t she stay home and help with your everyday chores? Pass me a machete, I want to go and find grass for my cow. “Mukeshimana, Mukeshimana. Mature! You used to be a kid, but you have now grown up. Education is the key to your future. Do not think about marriage or any thing else. Your problems will come to an end. Be brave! My good Lord. I submit these problems to you.

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Duration: 6 minutes and 36 seconds
Country: Rwanda
Producer: Plan Rwanda, Rwandan Youth
Director: Rwandan Youth
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Posted by: lraftree on Nov 24, 2008

Mukeshimana is a studious young lady attending school in her community. With her mother working the household chores and growing tired of the strenuous work, she asks her husband to attend Mukeshimana's important parent meeting at the school. What will happen when her father does not attend?

L’Education comme héritage: Mukeshimana est une jeune fille studieuse qui va a l'école de sa communauté. Sa mère s’occupe des taches ménagères et, fatiguée de ce travail difficile, elle demande à son mari d'assister à la séance de rencontre parents-professeurs. Que se passera-t-il s’il n’y assiste pas ?

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