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We Have a Plan: Transition and The Zeitgeist Movement (Repository)

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It's Time to Change And We Have a Plan Transition and The Zeitgeist Movement "A heedless and harrowing future is developing for our generation and generations to come. A heedless and harrowing future is developing for our generation and generations to come. But as I walk the chartered streets of this familiar oblivion, I recognize nothing but unyielding consciousness, in which we have almost comfortably drowned. It is madness! This normality is madness! It is madness! We are clinging to manufactured crippled constraints. We must no longer commute between brand-ladened homes and quickly accepted aimless roams from our factories of slavery to wars of elusive bravery. We must unite! And we must let the flood gates open." Here, tonight, I clock a thousand heads Here to unite through common dreads. - Change does not always occur for the better. But it is a process that occurs regardless of the dominant values of the times. Even social systems undergo change. Therefor, the only constant is change. Today, with the advent of computers, World Wide Web, cybernation and artificial intelligence the rate of change has been greatly accelerated throughout the world. And in the next ten years, we will witness more changes than all of the past events in recorded History. There are no negro problems, or Polish problems, or Jewish problems, or Greek problems, or women's problems. There are human problems. To come into socio-cyberneering, and take your part, and function. We are not concerned with the divisions of segments of society. The way it happens is... the system has to fall, people have to lose confidence in their elected leaders. At that time, when they try to solve problems and it doesn't work, then the public will be looking for new ideas. They don't give a damn right now. - The transition itself from our current system into a Resource Based Economy is a very complex thing to consider and unfortunately the variables are beyond our current foresight. The central issue however is awareness. If the public's consciousness can be expended to understand and accept the incredible potentials the future can hold, where poverty, war, 90% of all crimes, along with the mundane, repetitive, meaningless jobs can be eliminated then I feel there will be much more likely to adjust their values accordingly. We're going to see more unemployment and more instability and sadly instability is often the prerequisite for social change. The problem constitute what we call bio-social pressures. The more destabilized things become, the more motivation there will be to seek an alternative. - So now is the time to introduce something else, that benefits everyone, that doesn't hurt anybody. We feel that the wealthiest people of today will leave better in a Resource Based Economy but they just don't know. So, our aim...and we feel that everybody's aim should be to introduce this direction, learn as much as you can about it. If you identify with it, then talk to others. Write songs about it, do books about it, do magazine articles, get into the mainstream newspapers as much as possible and TV stations. We'd like to do a first city, when we can. We'd like to join all the nations of the world to share the Earth's resources. The Earth's resources become the common heritage of all the world's people. Nothing less will produce peace and harmony, like people want today. - And this is where The Zeitgeist Movement comes in. We are here to spread statistical information and socially positive value identifications, in the hope of bringing people into an awareness of the incredibly positive possibilities the future can hold. Once these understandings are fully realized, most people will never be able to look at the world to today in the same way. And the problems we find as common place today, we'll become simple unacceptable, motivating change. I would like to quickly point out that the term Zeitgeist is defined as the general intellectual, moral and cultural climate of an era. The term Movement very simply implies motion or change. Therefor, The Zeitgeist Movement is thus an organization which urges change in the dominant, intellectual, moral and cultural climate of the time, specifically the values and practices which would better serve the well being of the all of humanity, regardless of race, religion, creed or any other form of contrived social statues. Our central role, gesturally speaking is engaging in what I would call Social Therapy. The little discussed reality is that human beings are subject to social conditioning in a powerful way. And if we had the type of society we just described, tomorrow, most people would be left confused and disillusioned. It would be like taking a Native from the Amazon jungle and dropping them into New York City without any education what so ever. There behavior would be based on values which have no relevance in this new environment. In fact, ethics, morality and values are always as relevant as the social environment propensity to support them or not. The Zeitgeist Movement has various projects in the works. We are working to educate people and hopefully bring them into a new perspective. We have teams and chapters, radio shows, films, PDF's and annual events to promote this direction. We also do not take any general donations and provide all of our education material for free to the public. We are decentralized and work holographically through regional chapter teams and project teams. We have no offices - we have no leaders... In fact, I would say that we are the initiators of what we call the transition. I believe Mohandas Gandhi had it correct: We most become the change we want to see in the world. USA "Debt = Money. Money = Debt" Argentina Brazil Spain Colombia Why I Advocate the Zeitgeist Movement Campaign (antishay) Why I Advocate the Zeitgeist Movement Campaign (mccoya2) Why I Advocate the Zeitgeist Movement Campaign (zeitgeistmonroe) Netherlands Australia Serbia Canada Greece Sweden "Zeitgeisters" "Swedish Cop" "Zeitgeist Flyer" "Intermission" United Kingdom Italy Uruguay Venezuela Germany USA TVP Challenge Peter Joseph on Russia Today India Portugal Slovenia Austria Greece Israel Jacque Fresco ( Peter Joseph ( Roxanne Meadows (

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