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The Zohar Conference Call

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Hello everyone, this is Billy! Today, in Light of the situation that has happened over the last few weeks I'd like to share some of my personal experiences with the Rav over the last twenty five years but particularly I'd like to focus on a few events that happened over the last ten to twelve years It was about ten, twelve years ago I was with the Rav And the Rav said to me that Karen is going to have a difficult time knowing how the Messiah how the day of peace and immortality will actually arrive on earth the Rav said to me 'You know what? I can't tell Karen because she's not going to be able to handle it'. and at the time I had no idea what the Rav was talking about said oh my god world world three, nuclear bombs or diseases, I just didn't understand. And then nine years ago, some nine years ago we know the Rav was hit with a stroke and it forced Karen to travel the world and to take the reins of the Kabbalah Centre and as we know in the Zohar, the Zohar teaches it's very, very clear there's a very famous phrase from the bible, from the writings that say when the moons shines as bright as the sun the day of redemption will come meaning when the female is equal to the male when the desire to receive, which is the female, has been transformed into the desire to share which is male, we will achieve our redemption so it happens on many levels and this is why Moses had to leave the world Moses, as we know from the Zohar and Rabbi Shimon, absolutely never died he was concealed the same way the sun doesn't die each night, the sun sets the sun is concealed in order to allow the moon to shine and so Moses had to set upon the horizon in order to allow Joshua to shine Joshua being the moon because when the sun is shining it can't see the moon and so if the Rav would've been here nine years ago in full force Karen, the female the physical earth, would not have the opportunity to shine and this is the prerequisite for the arrival of Immortality and our redemption that is the process that has to take place so what was amazing is that a week before the stroke the Rav took me aside and said it was actually at Third Meal on Shabbat, and the Rav just gave a lecture to everybody about the power of Certainty and after the Rav gave the lecture, the Rav called me over to the head table and I leaned down beside the Rav and the Rav started lecturing me saying 'Billy, how many people really understood what I just said?" I mean how, and I'm really being accurate now in conveying the conversation the Rav gave to me. I'm going to try to describe it exactly the way the Rav said it The Rav said 'Billy, who has that kind of Certainty to say 'false alarm?' 'Billy, no matter what you see, who could say 'false alarm?'' 'No matter what you see, no matter what's in front of you who has the ability to have Certainty and say 'false alarm?' 'Did you hear me, Billy?' 'No matter what you see!' A week later the Rav had the stroke The doctors told Karen there's no brain left the whole frontal lobe of the Rav's brain was blown out and Karen was going to have to make a decision whether to pull the plug or not because the Rav would be a vegetable I was there at the hospital for Shabbat the family couldn't go to Rosh Hashanah in Israel because of what happened and we had the Certainty, I just hung onto the words the Rav told me 'No matter what you see!' so as the Rav laid there in a coma; a vegetable with no brain left in the frontal lobe, I just hung onto the words of the Rav which was 'no matter what you see, false alarm!' total Certainty by Third Meal, the Rav did the Third Meal blessing of the wine, the Kiddish, from the coma he literally woke up, did the Kiddish, and went back to sleep and we were over the hump. And the doctors were absolutely stunned and one of the top brain surgeons in the United States, a guy named Dr David Baskin stood up on Passover about a year later and showed the charts of the Rav's brain, the x-rays and said how you can not look at any medical journal in the world to figure out how the Rav pulled this off About three weeks after the stroke happened, the Rav was literally, you know, semi-comotose you know, you sleep a lot for months and months and months, as you finally go through physical therapy and slowly you wake up and come to so about two or three weeks after the stroke, and the Rav was now home from the hospital, the Rav was literally sleeping, you know, twenty four hours a day then Karen called me up and Karen asked me to come over one night, I live round the corner from the Rav and Karen, in their old house And I went over there with my wife Marianne, and Karen said come on over and we'll study the Zohar, we'll study Pinchas, you know, to bring healing to the Rav I come into the house and the Rav is seated at the head table in his dining room, sleeping, and we sat down, and Karen put a Zohar down in front of the Rav, and you know she's nudging the Rav, you know 'Rav,Wake up, wake up, wake up' The Rav you know wouldn't wake up he's sleeping And then the Rav, with his hand pushed the Zohar over to me I was sitting, you know, beside the Rav so I screamed loud, 'cos I see the Rav was sleeping, 'Rav, should I read the Zohar?!' And the Rav just nodded 'Yes' So I opened up the Zohar and I read one paragraph After reading the one paragraph The Rav, eyes still closed, sleeping there, slouched over in his chair turned around and grabbed a telephone that was situated on the credenza behind the Rav He took the telephone and placed it onto the table and then shoved it in front of me The Rav then picked up the receiver on the phone and handed it to me I took the receiver, the Rav punched some random buttons on the phone I put the receiver to my ear and there was my voice reading the Zohar I had just read aloud one minute ago When I heard my voice reading the Zohar I screamed, I went 'Aaahhh!' The Rav woke up, looked me in the eye, raised his fingers, pointed fingers and said to me 'What's the matter, Billy? You don't believe?' and went back to sleep. So I knew the Rav was giving me a message The Rav was in full control, the same way the Rav told me the week before 'No matter what you see, it's an illusion, no matter what you see, false alarm' There's a higher order taking place There are things happening we don't see I got the strength when the Rav did that to have total certainty the Rav was in absolute control It was the most mind-blowing uncanny situation, one of the most I've seen in my twenty five years at the Centre It was...more than scary... more amazing than hearing my own voice on the phone was the Rav waking up and saying 'What's the matter, Billy? You don't believe?!' As if the Rav never left. Now...let's jump ahead... about five weeks ago I went to the hospital, The Rav was in a coma again sleeping The doctors couldn't wake him up Ruthie Rosenberg said to me 'Billy, see what you can do, see if you wake up the Rav' I felt kind of foolish, I mean what am I going to do but I started screaming 'Rav, Rav, wake up! wake up!' you know we're nudging the Rav but nothing's happening. And I kind of knew I'm not there to wake up the Rav physically And so it's me, Ruthie and Dominic, we're sitting there in the hospital room, Rav's not waking up I sat down, and then in my mind I just had this sense, this feeling I knew what was happening. I said 'Rav'. I know the Rav is now upstairs working he's working and pushing this world closer towards the Messiah closer towards our Redemption And that's why the Rav's not waking up This isn't just a man sick in bed asleep! This is the Rav! I had total Certainty. I said 'but Rav, just give me a sign' 'I don't need the sign, I have Certainty but just give me the sign, then I'll go home, I'll go back to work' I won't stand here and worry about what's going on in the one percent, that's not my job, that was Ruthie's job, that was Dominic's job I know my job is to go back into the work that I came to do I said 'Rav, just give me a sign' Make one of the machines beep, or maybe just open your eyes just for ten seconds?! and then you can go back to sleep. Give me one or the other. Within ten seconds, the machine to that hospital room started beeping 'beep, beep, beep, beep' like crazy And at the same time the Rav opened his eyes Said 'Thank you, Rav', I said goodbye to Ruthie and Dominic, and I left. So both during the stroke, when the Rav put my voice on that phone, I don't know how he did it, but I heard my voice reading Zohar and the Rav woke up and said 'What's the matter, Billy?, you don't believe? Don't be so surprised! And then when the Rav made the machines beep nine years later, five weeks ago and opened up his eyes for like a few seconds and then went back to sleep It was as if the Rav was winking to me telling me the Rav is in control So I drew a lot of strength from that, even though there was tremendous pain, I knew the Rav was working I knew the Rav was propelling this world foward towards our Final Redemption That's what a Kabbalist does And then, the last time I saw the Rav in this world, was just before Yom Kippur...I went to the hospital. The Rav was in tremendous, tremendous pain The Rav had heart issues and kidney issues a hip issue...all the organs of the Rav's body were in a battle with Satan and I knew that this was going on This wasn't just some man sick and he had a heart issue then he had a brain issue then he had a kidney issue, no this was the Rav taking on Satan especially if you study Zohar you see how all the organs of the body manifest as all the nations of the world and they also manifest as the Sephirot and all the Upper World dimensions So it's a battle to remove Satan from this world So I knew what the Rav was going through spiritually speaking So when I was in that hotel room for Yom Kippur, sorry, the hospital room not the hotel room,... when I was in that room and the Rav was wincing and groaning and squirming in pain The Rav didn't even know I was in the room So after a few minutes I knew it was just time to leave and I went to say goodbye to the Rav, not knowing that would be the last time and this was 'Goodbye Rav' and you know, 'Chag Sameach for Yom Kippur' The Rav literally stopped wincing, stopped groaning, woke up and gave me a big, fat knowing smile A smile that was just like a wink, was the famous trademark smile of the Rav And I knew the Rav was saying 'The Rav is in control' And I left And the next time I saw the Rav was in the hospital after the Rav had left Karen was holding the Rav's hand The Rav, he was glowing, it was unbelievable, of course it was devastating at the same time. I thought back to something I learned from the Rav And what I learned, and what the Rav brought to the world is what happened on Mount Sinai There's not a Rabbi, there's not a Priest, there's not even a Pope in history who knew the real story of Sinai and what Sinai was all about which was the arrival of Immortality on earth Not the revelation of Ten Commandments The revelation of the two tablets was simply the methodology for channeling the Light flowing through the Ten Dimensions, the Ten Sephirot, not Ten Commandments To reveal that Light into our world, to remove darkness and death That's what Moses achieved, and the world was in a state of immortal, deathless existence The problem was, as the Rav teaches, it was Moses who achieved this state of Immortality, not the six hundred thousand Israelites who stood at Sinai Which was a problem, because we came to this world to remove Bread of Shame We came to this world to earn the revelation of Immortality and Light Not to have it given to us carte blanche by God, or given to us now by Moses So the Israelites had to do one thing. They had to achieve total Certainty As the Rav says, 'No matter what'. These are the three most important words on earth that I learnt from the Rav: 'No matter what!' 'But what about!. what....' No, no, no, you can't say 'but what about', you can't say 'yeah, but what if?' No matter what means no matter what! So here's what happened We had a state of Immortality The Israelites just had to earn it. Now conventional religion for two thousand years, whether you're a Muslim, a Christian or a Jew has told us we lost paradise on Mount Sinai because of the sin of the Golden Calf Moses went up the mountain, Moses didn't return, and the Torah tells us the Israelites then panicked And they built the Golden Calf and began to worship it because they thought Moses wasn't coming back And that's the sin we're still paying for to this very day 'Baloney' says the Rav So what really happened is that the force called Satan, our Opponent, our Adversary Was given permission to test the Israelites Satan actually conjured up a vision of Moses being dead. So six hundred thousand Israelites saw Moses dead And they actually saw the angels carrying Moses up to heaven So now if you see Moses dead what are you supposed to believe? That's why the Israelites built the Golden Calf They saw Moses dead If you see somebody dead with your own eyes and your five senses, what are you supposed to believe? But the Israelites forgot the one rule Certainty no matter what But they didn't have Certainty, they believed the vision They believed what their eyes told them, that Moses was dead Their certainty was shattered, and that is what caused the shattering of the two tablets and the building of the Golden Calf The Israelites thought Moses was dead They weren't stupid enough to build a calf to worship some calf What they built the calf for was as a technology, which I won't go into in this phonecall, it was a technology to give them access to the Sephirot, to that ninety nine percent reality because they thought Moses was dead and they didn't want to lose the connection The problem wasn't the building of the Golden Calf The problem was they lost Certainty in Moses and the Light This is what really happened I just watched a video of the Rav, it's posted on my Facebook Page, where the last half of the video the Rav explains We are not in this world to perform all the precepts of the Torah We're not in this world to keep Shabbat, to observe the Sabbath to observe Rosh Hashanah We're not here to make our connections on Yom Kippur We're not here to make our connections on Passover That is not the objective of life on earth Wow, I'm keeping the Sabbath, Wow I'm doing what I'm supposed to do No, the Rav says clearly We are here for admit Certainty Keeping the Sabbath, using Rosh Hashanah, using the tools of the Torah Is simply the methodology to help us attain that Certainty It's a means to an end It's not the objective. But WE get corrupted, confused, misunderstood and we start thinking that the aim is to keep the observances of the Torah and if we think we're doing that, we were done we've finished our job. It's not. And the Rav even said Satan has taken those precepts of the Torah and all these practices and connections and HE owns them now because we're doing them for the wrong reason. We have to use those tools to evolve our Certainty to repair the damage that we did on Sinai when we lost our Certainty. We have to have Certainty the same way Moses didn't die, the Rav didn't die Moses when behind a curtain, the Rav went behind a curtain This is not about denial, this is not about refusal to accept reality This is about elevating to a higher level of consciousness and realising there's a higher reality And through our transformation, through our Certainty by getting rid of our own ego which is the source of our doubt we can tear down that curtain, help Karen the female, the moon, to shine as bright as the sun and we can experience, and the Rav says this in his lecture, go on my website page, sorry my Facebook Page and you'll watch the lecture, and especially at the end the Rav explains when we have that Certainty we will ignite the resurrection of the dead And resurrection of the dead doesn't mean people are going to start climbing out of graves like zombies in the tv show Walking Dead Resurrection of the dead means the curtain comes down and we realise the dead never left us They're simply in another dimension and the process of death is simply our interpretation of that transformation, of that elevation and that through our own efforts and sharing that Zohar, because it's the Zohar's Light of Immortality It's the Zohar that's going to ignite Resurrection through our Certainty through our behaviour and our dissemination of the Zohar, that is how the curtain will come down and we will see everybody who has ever walked this earth we'll all be back together again in the final bodies that we achieve our transformation And the world will be reunited and it will be as though we woke up from a dream We'll realise, wow, what a dream that was But because we went through this dream of five thousand seven hundred and sixty some odd years Through that dreaming process, we have evolved the consciousness through our transformation to appreciate the Light to appreciate Immortality to appreciate the paradise that has now been given to us because we will have earned it through our own hard work instead of God just giving it to us or Moses doing it for us on our behalf. All we came to do was to bring that Certainty. Now that can mean many things. If somebody yells at you or cuts you off on the highway and you get mad and you react it means you don't have Certainty You don't believe it really came from the Light You don't believe it's just payback for some other negative behaviour you did and you're not embracing it with Certainty to know that Wow, I get a chance to fix and repair my previous actions If we're reactive we're not certain So Certainty is not an intellectual concept 'I have Certainty the Rav never left!'. Baloney. We don't see the Rav now. We feel the lack. And it's there. That lack is there. So it's not an intellectual choice. 'Ah, the Rav never left', 'Ah, the Light's in the business' No, you have to go into the pain, you have to go into the lack, into the sorrow, and then climb out of it. by transforming yourself You're going to take the pain on the ego when people insult you or hurt you You only can get to heaven by going to hell We're only going to get to Immortality by tasting the illusion of death the pain and the sorrow of loss but if we can arouse, ignite our Certainty in the Light, our Certainty in the mission of spreading Zohar Our Certainty, most important, of allowing our ego to be diminished That is how we rise out of the pain Transform the pain into fulfillment Transform the illusion of death into the reality of Immortality And change the world once and for all Look, not everybody can handle these kinds of ideas Not everybody was meant to handle these kinds of ideas Not every cell in the human body's a heart cell There are liver cells, there are kidney cells, there are pancreas cells, there are brain cells Every one of us plays a different role in the one body of humanity But the Israelites The people who walked the path of Kabbalah and Torah We are the heart cells The cellls that share The blood flow The Light flow of The Light of the Creator with the rest of the world Through the power of our Certainty and our ability to raise our consciousness And to see through the illusion for what it is The illusion of ego The illusion of death The illusion of chaos But to transform it, not intellectually it'll never happen To go through the pain and to purify our consciousness Purify our ego Purify, transform it so that instead of serving ourselves we serve others Through that process, and especially with the sharing of Zohar We will achieve what the Rav said in that video Through our Certainty Resurrection of the dead and the arrival of Immortal existence Then the curtain will come down and we will see true reality This is why I believe the Rav winked at me, metaphorically speaking before the stroke, telling me about it during the stroke when he had my voice on the phone and he warned me I better believe when he opened up his eyes five, six weeks ago in the hospital room when those machines, heart machines were beeping like crazy to tell us the Rav is in control But the same way Moses couldn't do it... for us The Rav can't do it for us He can only give us the tools We have those tools Called the Zohar That is our mission It is a sacred, holy mission if you can bring Certainty to the table And work through your pain, your confusion and get to a level of Certainty We will absolutely achieve the Final Redemption In our lifetime Thank you very much

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The Zohar Conference Call

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