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Interview with Alberto Villarreal about EOSkate design process

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Initially we had a lot of ideas, but looking at the book we realized its content has a lot of color. So we wanted to expose all the strong graphics and color of the inside We started playing with folding and weaving the pages We did a lot of experiments on how we could display the different featured projects & colors in a gradient The text on yellow background was also a pretty interesting element graphically Then we thought of mixing the paper with resin So we made a few tests, embedding the paper in a block of resin to see what happened when the resin started impregnating the paper and both sides of the page became visible We started to see very interesting effects we didn't expect And somebody said, "why don't we make a skateboard?" and finally that was the piece we ended up making We made a mold from a regular wooden skateboard and started to try and fit the woven patterns in the skateboard size and especially, playing with how to array the different patterns some smaller, some larger ones another aspect was how the woven pattern was adopting the compound curvature of the skateboard, right? which is a very beautiful shape, with curvature in different ways along the product then we made the final pieces, which ended up really interesting they're a bit heavier than wooden skateboards but they are very strong and more flexible I mean, they sort of flex more than a wooden skateboard so it is really interesting Our original idea was not to make a skateboard, but it was a consequence of the process which is something we liked We thought the playful aspect of the Lara brother's work should have been represented in a piece you can play with something that is not a static wall-mounted object or a lamp, or something you don't play with but something you can actually use and eventually fall off I've known Mauricio and Sebastian for years we've collaborated in several workshops and design events together I was really happy to see their book published, it is a great compendium of all their work over these 10 years and I really appreciate them and recognize they effort It's like... if you read books you'll get somewhere, like it takes you on a journey.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 23 seconds
Year: 2012
Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Producer: Portavoz, Comex, La Maga
Director: Bibiana Ruiz / La Maga
Views: 3,733
Posted by: albertovb on Mar 2, 2012

An interview with Alberto Villarreal (Creative Director at the award-winning design firm AGENT) about the design process for the EOSkate, a skateboard made of recycled paper from books of studio EOS Mexico.

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