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The Noite 18/10/16 Interview Vít Jedlička

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Our guest now, came from Czech Republic to found on a forgotten little piece of the old Yugoslavia a country based on the principles of liberty let's meet Liberland Diguinho: Vít Jedlička Vít Welcome to the "At Night" Good night! Oh! Good night! It's a pleasure receiving you here It's great to be here! Okay! Very good! "Ultraje", what song did you play for Vít? The main anthem of Liberland Very good Vít Welcome to the "Republic of 'The Noite'" we're also a Republic, okay? Nice You created a country Yes that's true Why you've created a country? Because I was not happy, I was not satisfied with the countries that are on the planet I think we can create something better Very good, where is your country? It's between Croatia and Serbia it's a beautiful piece of land, with nice sandy beaches and it's three times larger than Monaco It's a country three times larger than Monaco!? Do we have a map to have a better idea of it's location? There it is, Liberland Three times larger than Monaco Your country looks like a guitar pick, the shape of it We say it's heart like Ahh, it can be, a heart, okay Cute It can be your country symbol, what do you think? Liberland takes an area of 7km², that is ignored by Serbia and by Croatia since the Yugoslav War How did you get this land to found your Country? Did you go there and established: "Here's going to be my country, that's it" or did you negotiate the land with Serbia and Croatia? How did you do it? This was unclaimed piece of territory for more than 24 years So we just went there and stick a flag there, and we claimed a new country. If i want to found a country, because i'm not satisfied with mine aswell neither with the ones around us, they don't please me aswell, If i want to found my own country, because it looks really easy the way you say it, It's enough if i just take a piece of land here and found my country? No, there's not too many places which are not occupied by any other country this was the only reasonable spot on this planet left. And it was nice that nobody occupied it before us so, we had the privilege to occupy the very last piece of free space on this planet. Very nice, has any country recognized Liberland? Recognized your country as a real country? It is very recognized by, basically, most foreign media most politicians We are also going through official recognition process And it is the main reason I also am very happy to be here in South America Because your countries are very friendly they're new countries and I hope to start the recognition process of Liberland, the official one, here, soon. It's a beautiful country It is! Say it Roger! I wanted to know if he knew about the lands and had the idea to found the country or if he had the idea to found the country and looked for the lands? Exactly, we were looking for a piece of land for more than 2 years Looking for territories where Liberland could be created and this was the result! We almost ended up in Africa but then we decided this was the better solution. So you first had the idea to found a country and then found a piece of land that no country had claimed because you're Czech, right? You have nothing related to Croatia or Serbia. Your country already has a flag, passport? How do you make it out? Yes, you want to see my passport? Wow, Free Republic of Liberland Nice, passport And i'm happy that it was stamped already by Serbia and being recognized makes us stronger Oh, how many countries recognize Liberland as a nation? We are working on the recognition process, so probably already past couple-- But you already have a stamp here It is a form of recognition, and we're happy about it. Explain to me the shield on the passport, what does it mean, what are the items here? Well, the tree is there because of prosperity Liberty, the bird is there because he brings that meaning. So, is the liberty and prosperity: the bird and the tree. And then there is the sun, that stands for our positivity. Very good, tree for prosperity, bird for liberty and the Sun for the positive aspect of it all. What is this, can i see it? That's a gift for you, that's 10 Merits! Wow! It's one of the biggest coins on the planet now. Thank you very much for the gift! This is the coin of Liberland What's the name of the coin? One Merit, our currency is called Merit. Merits for building the country It's a merit then. Very good, then Liberland have... the regime is a meritocracy, for what i can see. In a sense, maybe. You can call it that way. Thank you very much! When i visit Liberland i can get some booze with this, right? Definitely How many citizens Liberland have? We got 430,000 people that registered on our site. So if everybody got a citizenship, we would be the most overpopulated place on the planet. Is this the flag? It's half of the immigration that comes to the US every year, so imagine such a small country with so many people wanting to go there. Can i see the flag? This is the flag. With the same shield as the passport. Very good. I saw from the pictures of Liberland, it's perceivable that's not an easy acess by car for example, for what i saw, you can get there only by boat. Yes, it's the only option now. You are a libertarian, that is, you believe the government should interfere minimally in peoples lifes. Exactly. How to build a country, the infrastructure of it, sewage, roadways, a connection between your country and the continent with a road a justice system, how do you build that without the State because, in general, it was the State that built that in all other places. Well, not really. Even in France, where there's a lot of socialism, all the highways, all the major highways, are private. We you don't believe that State should build roads. We think private companies are much better. And we want the State to take care only of Security, Justice and Diplomacy. Okay, so it's the minimal State but it does exist. Yes, but the State takes care of the most important functions. And it doesn't go to provide education We banned State to provide education to it's people We banned State medical services to it's people, because we believe people will be much better off, if this services are provided only by private sector. Very good. Very nice. I'm already very curious. I would love to know Liberland. To enter the country i'll need my passport? Yeah, but you can get visa on arrival, beginning next year. That's cool, very good. What will be your role Will you have a role in Liberland government? In this minimal State of Liberland, what is your part? We're actually going to ban the institutional president after Liberland get's established. So my position as the President is only temporary. I saw lots of people with this kind of talk, huh? And then they stay... Fidel Castro had this talk, that he was a temporary president. ... Really?? That's our intention, that's what we want to do. I want to make sure that Liberland works. And actually, i can tell you: When i make this fully up and running I want to retire. I can assure you that. Okay, i want you to answer me, how the inhabitants of Liberland can be sure... How the citizens of Liberland can be sure, that you'll only be only a temporary president and not a dictator of the place. I want you to answer me in a second, in the next block, we'll be right back with more of Vít, the founder of a Country, don't move. We're back With Vít... your surname is a little hard for a brazilian to spell It's Vít Jedlička Yes, but i'm not "Vich" everybody calls me a "Witch" I'm no "witch", i'm not flying on a broom at night But i'm "Vít", that's the first thing. Vít Yeah And my surname is Jedlička which is very hard to pronounce for everybody, so don't worry about it. Can i call you Vitão? (Big Vit) It's very good. Okay, i'm here with Vitão, that founded Liberland, a country. The conversation is very interesting. Before going to the break, you said that you're going to be, for the moment, a temporary president for Liberland. Until democracy and everything else get together. How the citizens can be sure you're only going to be a temporary president and not a dictator in the place? That's the thing, there are two very important concepts: When you look, democracy is not making sure there will be liberty in the country. You can see that with all democracies around the world that they always decline there is oligarchy, instead of democracy. So we wanted to avoid that And we wanted to make sure that most of the things that are in the State are actually private. So the State's role in society is so minimal, that it doesn't make sense for politicians to strive for a post in Liberland. Very good. You said to me that something like half a million people have asked for Liberland citizenship? Yes. Can the country fit this much people? No, there is no way we could fit that many people there. Maybe 300,000, but only with very high towers. Much higher than Macau or Hong Kong or Singapore. We're working hard with our architects with nice architectural concepts, i'm very happy for the support of Zara Hadid one of the most famous architect studios that organized an competition for us and with this kind of concept we could have like 300,000-350,000 people in our country Very good Is this a flying car? Yes, and i'm very happy that first flying cars are being sold in the US market, and one of them is made in Slovakia which is very close to Liberland they were just tested for regular use you can look it up on YouTube: "Flying Car" and you'll see that it's a reality now. Very good. Now, do you know how things work in Brazil? How is the freedom in Brazil, how do you think is the freedom here in Brazil? I think you just made a change Taking away the previous president, and i think that the recent government are much more liberty friendly and liberty open. And it's why i'm looking forward to meeting politicians tomorrow and the day after tomorrow here in Brasília and establish firm contracts between our countries. Very good. Very interesting, i'm looking forward to know Liberland It's a pleasure to meet you. I want to say that Vít, Vít Vitão Vitão is here He came because on the 22th of october He's participating of the "Forum for Liberty and Democracry" in São Paulo He's speaking too with Brazilian Diplomacy to seek for Liberland recognition. You're optimistic? Do you think brazilian diplomacy is going to recognize Liberland with this visit of yours? We're going to recognize Liberland as a country? I have to say we already have very good contacts with Brazilian diplomats around the world and i believe that Brazil is going to be among the first 10 or 20 countries that will recognize Liberland. Very good, dude. That's... very cool I hope this happens soon Is any company interested in installing it's headquarters in Liberland? Yes, that's the great thing we also started. On the event we set next saturday in São Paulo We are also going to start running the beta version of Liberland e-residency program So anybody who has Android mobile and downloads our e-residency program And you can open a bank account using our currency which is Bitcoin. And people can start doing business all around the world with Liberland e-residency program so you just go on Google Play next week and you be able to start doing business in Liberland wherever you are on the planet. Very good. How are taxes in Liberland? Taxes are voluntary And that's of course against the definition of the tax but this is exactly explaining how the tax system works. People pay as much taxes they feel they want to pay. And they give them to specific purposes, so people know, what are they paying taxes for. And if i pay more, do i get more from the government? Or does it count as a donation? Yes, you will get bigger say your vote will have bigger power. We want to make this structure where people, really, get this much votes with merits the more they contributed with the country, the more they'll have to say about what's going to happen there. Very good, Vitão, it's been a pleasure talking with you. Thank you very much, i'll keep this with great affection. Thank you very much for the gift. I intend to visit Liberland soon I'll buy a house there At least some drinks i'll take there with this Because I already have the money from there. Has been a pleasure. He's going to be in the "Forum for Liberty and Democracry" in São Paulo in the 22th of october. Google it: "Forum for Liberty and Democracy" for you to take knowledge of the event. Thank you very much.

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Interview with Liberland President Vít Jedlička, with subs in English.

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