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Hey, y'all. It's me, Cheryl. Are you ready to see your mid-April brochure? Are you ready to make your mom's heart soar? Or your customers’ heart soar? Well, you're going to with this brochure. Let's first start with your brand new Dating Gift, y’all. I'm so excited because I love this. We haven't had this and I don't know how long but it is our Refrigerator Bowl with the hang on spoon. How great is that it, y’all. It comes with the seal. These are going to be sold in a set of four. Y'all know that you can use this as a build. They get one just for letting you walk through the front door, another one when they have ten adult guests at the party. You can give them another one for $100 or more and paid outside orders and another one when they have a dating waiting or a blind date as we call it now. So, a great way for your host to have more than one in their home and they're going to need it y'all. So, love, love, love these Refrigerator Bowls. It's a bring back and it's a classic, y’all. We also have your brand new 29-piece Celebration Host Gift Special and it's going to come, guys, not with one but three of our pitchers and it is, once again, our classic bring backs. We have our 1-quart pitcher, our 2-quart pitcher and of course, our 1-gallon pitcher. So, three different pitchers, three different sizes for three different beverages. We also have, guys, a set of our tumblers and they're going to get the 9-ounce tumbler. Once again, this is exclusive to the Host Gift Special and it's a bring back. We haven't had it for a long time. They're also going to get the 12-ounce tumbler and the 16-ounce tumbler. You know what makes our tumbler so amazing is they come with seals. How awesome is that, y'all? You know what? We're not done because they're also going to get the 40-cup Maxi Salad Bowl. This is going to make those big garden salads, guys. Those potato salad, macaroni salad, huge fruit bowl during the summer season. They're going to need it and it also comes with our tongs and it also comes with their Personalized Bowl with the little dipper. So, if you're doing a salad in here, they could actually do their salad dressing in here if they'd like to or you could put chips in here and put dip in here, guys. So, absolutely amazing. All of this can be your host, absolutely free with 700 $ in sales and 2 R.-V. and this can be your host, absolutely free. Are you ready to go out and date some parties for your mid-April, mid-May brochure. Okay, y’all. Now you know why everyone's going to want to host a party but why are their friends going to want to come to a party? Well, first of all. Do you just love this brand-new design? The butterflies, guys? You know butterflies represent transformation. It also represents new beginnings and the great thing with your Tupperware business is each and every day you have a new beginning in your business. So, what do we have in the brochure with our butterflies? Well, first of all, y’all. You have your 18-cup Serving Bowl and it comes with not one but four of our large Wonder Bowls with the seals. So, it's perfect for all of those servings that you might want to use at your dinner time. We also have, guys, a set of three of our dipping bowls and the reason we're using these and calling them our dipping bowls is because we have some amazing brand-new dips that you can pull these offline and you can make these dips at your Tupperware parties. The great thing, guys, is you can use these for chips and then you can put your dips right inside here. These are actually locked together, okay and when they lock together, look y’all. They all stay in one place. So, when you're going to go to the picnic or you're going to go to a party or you’re going to your friend's house, you've got your dips, you got your chips, you're ready to go and look how pretty the design is. But, we're not done. To complete your collection, y’all. You have your attendance offer which is a set of four of your Butterfly Dessert Cups. How pretty are these? They really do complete the entire collection. So, it's a got to have for everybody. Okay, y’all. I have to tell you what I love about this set is you have a Get-it-all Set that you're going to be able to offer it all of your Tupperware parties to your customers and this Get-it-all Set, y'all, it's amazing because it comes with the Serving Set which is your 18-cup bowl with your four Wonders and seals, it also comes with your side set and it also comes with your set of dessert dishes. How fun is that? But, we're not done because it also comes with your 1-gallon pitcher with the beautiful butterfly design on it and a set of six of your 16-ounce tumblers with seals and it also comes, y’all, with our serving tongs. You know what's so great about this is they're clipped together tongs so you can use it to pick stuff up with or take them apart, and now, you have serving spoons or you can also use them to toss the salad. How great is that, y’all? And, this Get-it-all Set, y’all, when your customers purchase it, it's over a 50% saving and it also entitles them for our P with P in your mid-April brochure and it's one of my favorites. It's a set of our CrystalWave Soup Mugs. I'll be coming back to the CrystalWave in just a minute. So, are you excited about what you have to offer to your customers at your Tupperware party. Say, “Yes!,” say, “Si!” say, "Oui!” Okay, y’all, you know what's so great about your tear off which starts April the 14th that runs to April the 27th is your Butterfly Collection continues and it's the only time that your customers are going to be able to take advantage of our Butterfly Beverage Set because it is on the tear off on sale. Remember, when your customers are ordering early enough in this brochure, they will have their product back in time for Mother's Day gifts. So, how great will this Beverage Set makes as a Mother's Day gift. We have your Snack Cups in the US on sale, your Snack Bar Keepers in Canada on sale, your Mini Rice Maker on sale and one of my favorites, it's a throwback, and it is our Stow N’ Go, y’all, and it's on sale and your customers are going to need more than one of the Stow N’ Gos, I promise. But, we're not done because on the other side of your tear off, we also have our large Carry Totes are on sale and I know that y'all know, this is one of my favorite pieces of Tupperware because you can see that when you buy more, you save more, so your customers can either buy it individually or they can buy it in the case. Now, why do they need more than one? Well, look, y’all, we're showing all of the different ways that your customers will going to need these in their homes and one of my favorite is each one of my kids and both my Maddie and Lily all have their memory box. So, all of those babies first go inside this little memory box so you always have them, you always know where they are. So, you have a great way to close your April sales month with a great tear off to build your party sales, to build your host to credit and to put more money in your pocket. Okay, just a quick, little “Did you know?” for all of your Tupperware parties, when you're putting on your seals on your Butterfly Collection, it is our classic instant seal, the easiest way to get this seal off is to take and push in the middle and pull up on the tab. Voilà! Look how easy that seal comes off. To put the seal on, the easiest way to do this is to literally walk it, just like you do your classic round seal and you'll hear the little click, guys, and then you can just whisper and burp the seal and put it back down and voila, you now have that perfect seal on your Tupperware bowl. Okay, y’all, your savings continue in your mid-April brochure and it says, “best for babies,” but I have to tell you, I think it's best for everyone because it's homemade made easy whether it's mom, dad, kids or right down to those babies. We have inside here, guys, you have your mini canisters on sale, the feeding set to go is on sale and we also have our 3-piece Vent 'N Serve Set on sale and we also have our Pure & Fresh ice cube trays on sale. The great thing is when they buy one, it's a great deal, but when they buy four, it's even better. So, you want to make sure you're selling them in a set of four. Here's why I love our ice cube trays. Well, first of all, y'all, you have the silicone on the bottom. So, when you're going to take something out and you just want maybe one or two or three of the ice cubes or maybe you frozen some chili in here, you’ve frozen some spaghetti sauce in here, or you're doing it for baby food, you can just simply pop on here and it will literally pop out just one or two cubes. How great is that? Another thing that you want to share at your Tupperware parties, guys, is when you're filling these, you literally put this in the sink and you fill it to the fill line and then when you pull it back like this, it will level off and all of your water is exactly where it needs to be and then you just simply close the tab down and you're going to hear the little click. Now, the great thing about our Pure & Fresh ice cube trays too is they stack on top of each other, so it allows the cold air to rotate all the way around so everything freezes at the same time and you can just take one tray out as needed. So, another little tip you want to share at your Tupperware party, tell your customers just to run this under tap water for just one or two seconds and then just put it down and whether they're opening up the tab or they're opening up the entire seal, it makes it easier to do, okay, y’all. Your customers are going to love our Pure &--oops. Our Pure & Fresh ice cube trays. Okay, guys, are you ready to have more time for you? Are you ready to tell your customers how they can have more time for themselves? Well, Tupperware has a solution. Starting with a call back to our catalog with our Stack Cooker, y’all. This makes meal time prep easy. And, you know what? Right now for the next two weeks, the last two weeks of April, you can offer this at your Tupperware parties as one of four ways where your customers can get it and that is retail or half price by hosting a party or they can qualify for free by using host credit and they can also take advantage of it with our “Say, ‘Yes!’ offer,” when they decide to say, “Yes,” to the Tupper opportunity and join your team by the end of the April sales month. Everyone needs a Stack Cooker in their kitchen because when you're making those meals and you have your plan overs, there is nothing better to store your plan overs in than our CrystalWave. You know what, y’all? Our CrystalWave now has the stain guard coating inside. Try saying that fast three times. The stain guard coating inside which helps make it stain resistant. How awesome is that? We have your Buy One, Get One Free set which includes two of your rectangular and two of my favorites which are your rounds, y’all. But, you know what, y'all? This is Buy One, Get One Free, we also have our set of two of our CrystalWave Bowl Set and when your customers are purchasing the Buy One, Get One Free set and they add on the CrystalWave Bowl Set, that then entitles them to take advantage of the P with P which is a set of our CrystalWave Soup Mugs. So, you guys, you can also do your Girlfriend Sets, okay, and this is how you're going to build it. So, buy one, get one, okay, and then at your parties, when your customers, when you're doubling up on the CrystalWave Bowl Set, then we'll then also entitle them to their CrystalWave Soup Mugs, what's going to happen is one customer is going to have one of the buy one, get one, they're also going to have their bowl set and they're going to have one of their CrystalWave Soup Mugs. So, everything they need to complete their CrystalWave Set in their kitchen. Okay, guys, make sure you're telling your Tupperware story. Why did you say, “Yes!” to the Tupper opportunity and you can also use Katie's Tupperware story at your parties. Now, Katie's never miss their first with her son because she said, “Yes!” to the Tupper opportunity. So, whether you're saying, “Yes!” to the opportunity to be there for their first, Tupperware allows you to never miss those important moments in your life. So, are you ready to see your business soar using your mid-April brochure? Well, you can make it happen, guys. Until I see you next time. Remember, to know we always say, “Think big, start small, but we want you to a party now.” See y’all.

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