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Infomercial: Ghadab Abu Ganwa

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Karabeesh Presents Dear citizen If you ever think one day of demonstrating or striking know that you will be dealt with as if you were an alien bent on trouble And as a foreign spy with an agenda Dear rioter, before you think of striking, we would like to introduce you to security man Ghadab Abu Ganwa Abu Ganwa is equipped with special equipment that is primarily used to turn you into a lump of flesh ripe for beating and kicking For example, this helmet is used to stop any thinking, logic, or feelings that Abu Ganwa may have He only sees you as a stuffed chicken or sheep For Abu Ganwa hasn't eaten for a few days This tool is used to make you forget the milk you suckled from your mother's breast And this one is used to kick in stomachs and stuffing in sensitive places There's a misconception that this tool is used for protection, but in truth it's an effective way to hit with And in case Abu Ganwa doesn't have anything to use, he will use anything he finds as a weapon Like rocks, wooden planks, iron pipes, or even a So think carefully before expressing your freedom And remember that your dignity stops at this line in front of Abu Ganwa If by chance you happen to be a journalist in a place of demonstration, make sure your mother's praying for you at that very moment And try to take off the orange vest because it only aggravates Mr Abu Ganwa's internal instincts We are working for you; we're sorry for hitting you Did you like the video? Be kind and share it with your friends, and we'll pray for you with all our hearts Karabeesh [Translation into English : Nichola HAMMOUDEH for the Yallah Film Festival]

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Duration: 2 minutes and 19 seconds
Country: Jordan
Language: Arabic
Views: 435
Posted by: kharabeesh on Sep 11, 2011

An infomercial for all citizens (who are considering the notion of practising their legal right of holding demonstrations or sit-ins ) intoducing them to law inforcement officer "Ghadab Fatah Raso Abu Ganweh" and his various assortment of tools and instruments that they should be wary of, especially if they are unfortunate enough to be press personnel.

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