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Do We Stop Capitalism?

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Do you stop capitalism? that's a question posed in one of the- videos you don't have to stop capitalism per se because capitalism is busy stopping itself, I mean- it is a capital "offense" that is stopping it, and the capital offense is the deception of the system based on failure - everything in capitalism is always based on failure based on "debt" based on- the few- being the masters and the many the slaves it is simply- a system of absolute abuse so- it's busy stopping itself you can go and have a look capitalism is a disease and the point that is, at last, saving man- is education and in spite of every attempt to make education as bad as possible especially mathematics have a look the figures on people passing mathematics is dropping - even in spite of that by exposing the human- to television and Hollywood and so on there has been a positive side effect an effect that will cause a polarity movement and bring about some common sense - the cell phone and those kind of things and the internet's all taking part in that - which is replacing the point of the educator And although they- it makes the human far more- psychopathic in nature there is still a turning point and the human will push- capitalism to its "end" and it's desire for fame and wealth because they will all fail because the system is based on- the principle of failure it cannot exist without failure it cannot exist without and end everything you begin has got an end my son- my daughter ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Isn't that part of one of the movies, eh? it's all here So, let's not wait till it fails let's just change it now Equal Money - Equal Life - Desteni 'I' Process get to know! the "I" of the future with Desteni I Process Life- coaching with a difference- where- Failure is no longer part of the equation CC English for DesteniProductions©

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Jan 20, 2011


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