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2017 McKesson Comunity Days_Final

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Fifteen years ago, my wife was diagnosed with latestage metastatic colon cancer and we were faced with critical treatment decisions. And so I came here to learn about her treatment so we could make the best possible treatment decisions, and for me to get the support I needed. A few years later when they were looking for a new executive director, I was eager to come back and give back in this role and share the experience with others who were facing cancer like I was. We provide a comprehensive program for people with cancer and their families and everything is free of charge. All of us have been touched by cancer, so we feel we're part of a community. A community of folks who are giving help when we can and accepting help when we need it. I started coming to the Cancer Community Center in 2012. For me it's a meaningful place to go to because it has a lot of activities here where I can learn about the cancer journey and interact with other patients so I don't feel alone. Part of our mission is to address the emotional, social, and spiritual needs of folks who are facing cancer, and the Giving Comfort kit does the same thing. To be able to have these items that make that medical environment more homelike, more warm and comforting, and also to know that someone cared enough to do that for me. The Giving Comfort packet, it was really something like. To know that there's an organization that reaches out to patients like us with compassion and loving kindness is just something very special. We don't charge anything for our services, so the support that McKesson gives us is critical so that we're able to provide any service that people want while they're dealing with cancer. Cancer has opened new doors for me in understanding life. There are a lot of generous people out there, and I know that kindness is everywhere and the world is still beautiful.

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2017 McKesson Comunity Days_Final

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