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Create a Node.js site deploy from GitHub

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[Microsoft Azure] [male speaker] Hi, I'm Scott Hanselman. Let's see how quickly I can create a Node.js website, put it on GitHub, and deploy it directly to Azure from GitHub. I'm here at my desktop, and I'll run the express generator to make mysuperazuresite. So now I've got an Express Node site called mysuperazuresite. I'll go over here to GitHub for Windows. I'm going to make that a Git repository. I'll set my Git ignore to node. And then I'll publish that up to GitHub. Commit, publish the repo, there's my initial commit. I switch over to GitHub, hit refresh, and see mysuperazuresite is now a repository I just published on GitHub. Now, I'm going to switch over to the Azure portal. I have no websites right now, but I'll hit create a website. I'll do a custom create, mysuperazuresite. I'll put in the West U.S. And I'm going to click publish from source control. I have lots of different choices like a local Git repository, Visual Studio Online, even things like Dropbox or CodePlex, but I'll click GitHub. And when I click GitHub, it authorizes Azure to talk to GitHub and retrieves my list of repositories. Here I'll pick mysuperazuresite and deploy the master branch. I hit okay. It's creating the web site in the West U.S. region under my free trial. The site's running. I'll click on that and then click deployments. You can see that the deployment is actually happening right now from GitHub. Anytime I check new code into GitHub, a WebHook will tell Azure it's time to deploy. And there's my deployment history. I can click and see detailed logs about how the deployment happened, what files were deployed. I'm going to switch back to the dashboard and then click the site URL. This is my Node Express Azure site at Now, I can start active development on GitHub and my site will always be up to date. Creating and deploying a Node website to Microsoft Azure is super easy. I hope you have lots of fun making websites during your free trial. [Microsoft Azure]

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Posted by: duncanma on Sep 11, 2014

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