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Jacque Fresco - Drawbacks of Today's System, Future Solutions (1976)

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They started on little tribes, they invented these tribes, and you build a nation by killing the rules of that tribe. Then they came to the United States, and they grabbed a land an indian, and they push them up to drive reservations, and they happen to drive them up of the mount on top, where they can live and grow food. And so, the British came in and indoctrinate people in a rigid and grasp way, and where when people came down and people guys head of and off their ass. Because, when you, you never get that point of view. Really, i don't see a mount on a radio or a television, i would say. Let me tell you what happen, see? Never, i never seen a Nazi get out during the war, see? I wouldn't tell what is happening, see? Never. I never have a guy that yell back on Cuba on Sunday, they say, all right, can you tell this, let me tell what really happened. We don't care. Now we call this democracy. Very few people know what democracy is. The real democracy really does not exist anywhere in the world, not even in Sweden. The real democracy has no headlines in the newspapers, about hunting loans and mucking stands right on 3 kids. That is on a psychiatric journal. It doesn't get on newspaper. And let's assume that your brother was pushing drugs, and they caught him. And you say the euripides sleep, drugs backwards, your developments and your mother, and everybody else. In newspaper, reporters are Bulgarian, and they (?) in the first border, because you don't know what it does, when he does anything. I don't care if my mother chains whatever housing, what else. I don't care, i because i don't depend on the society, that much. So, here you have people that were wiped out. They wanted to corner to put around, they put their kids away, even knowing you are alive, see? Because they are sick. There are very sick, and people around the newspapers, the editor, is another asshole. These people were putting in mental institution (?), what is not reccomended for such thing, it's assumed that was educated for new. No more prisons, and the amend of the policemen is gone, no prisons, no jails. No juvenile holes. What you handle is an environment is for children, where they can learn how to handle problems. And parents will put on institutes of dependency, where children have to solve problems. So the children become high in self sufficiency, so they can manage their whole affair. But parents, sometimes, juggle situations to keep you dependent. Well, i, so, some of you know this, in the first time i was married, i told my wife that my mother comes to visit us, she told get your movies and get them over there, and then picked you up and hang up the older then. And i said that if she tell my mother, she would shut their fucking mouth, unless i ask you. Okay? Don't do us any advice, you have your own lifestyle, you are welcome here, but don't go tell anybody what to do. What would say that your mother means no i'm sorry, or i would arrange my world on my way. And whether or no, once upon i used to upon real value of recommendation. And these times were back. Sometimes that you come with suitcase instead of someone. And if you have, teach your ass for. In other words, we always accept that shit we live within. And the back of, as you know, reminding on that, you are shouting on your back, see? And take one answer for each time, see? And the point is, we have to learn how to say no. And that is why not? Well, the only thing is learn can prevent that can get on you back. And mental illness, and all those problems that people suffer upon today, i think almost are looking for justice, what is not such thing. You know, i get help there and change things right on, and changes a lot, and when asks how my life is going, down in a place, you see, in your place or not, they wanted to call me free of warnings, and private fucking rabbit admit, that admires me. Used to have and manage a gentleman you got on me. You have bad judgement if that happened on what meaning, is that happened? Nobody can hurt you. Only your illusion about that person can hurt you. What that person does is reality. What you think they want to do is your version of the reality. So, you always get pissed off on these kind of stuff. And i'm damn sure the thing you were, see? I thought you would do that, i wouldn't avoid, i need my values and you screwed up. I'm bad on judging human being. So, in the future, people would meet another humans, and not judging. Let's say that i wouldn't like their verbal behaviour, but i don't know what they like and they know very well about. But they do that very well. And they say watch these things they rule. I like amusing, art, friends, and when the parts with smart goes, i don't agree with their philosophy, you see? As so, as you learn, have selected areas that are human related. That is why we have so much trouble. We have trouble because we save upon our lives to pay for house, then a great flood happens. And that is not because your house gets wet, it was moved out of the property into the Ohio leaver. You got into this property thing by years. It doesn't say how that river will not flood. See? And so, the real world, is when you are capable, one day, and ashes are like cigar, and you got started over that. That is the well adjusted person. In other words, that open mouth means i can't handle situations. Whatever you see agreement and open their mouth, it means all the experiences and problems all around them, you see? And so, when you have very young mouth, you don't quite handle a thing, see? And places going off. And i went into the move. But in the future, you really see a mouth growing, no matter what happens. And that is why a lot of people that don't understand the rule of today, were caught up in magic. And go to some purpose, they all are looking for magic. And looking for flying saucers that comes into the earth. And somebody stepped out, and said let me show if you have a handle of this. And so, they don't give a shit, you see? And they look around our cities nearly, and they wouldn't tell you, then i were going to... You know, there is a fantastic thing about many flying sources, some would travel hundreds of thousands of light years, and chasing most of agriculture in Tejas, or trying, or something. It is just a purpose of the mission when it stops messing of some form that can come in, and saying you are giving a blood test. And you, then, come out of space and time, you would have to look at the eyeballs of the (?), you know what i mean? With myself? That kind of thing that the flying sorcerians do, that people are calling sorcerian, is so ridiculous that more men like men are more dummy than men. Because they ask questions, or dummy questions, or they are about, you see? For the worrying sources of the kind of stories that you hear about, the glowing light when a guy is flying on an airplane, is supplying sources and browsing all alone, you know? There is, you know, generations of tight (?) bus a little tale occur, you know? This is pretty much their missions. And before this meeting, a photograph of a 40 year old woman, holding in hands her 8 years old child. And it bothered me when i looked at that photograph. And then you open your wallet, see? And they have some social conversation. And now tell us what this is. In this social security came and got the brass, this is typically the enemy. And now tell us what this means, and so the social security card makes anything else. What if this young lady pointed is a photograph 45 years old woman holding her own child in her arms. You see? So they wouldn't develop an attitude of mechanism, when they say, for example, that i wake up and said to Thomas Jefferson. So, you can pick a pattern from person that is packing his own, and you even can find a guy standing on what their neighbourhood is. The fact is there are a lot of people that don't know how to have this done, and looking for transportation and communicating devices. And there are thousands of ways of communicating with people. Other than they have there yet. Now was, my brother once worked with a working area, and he found this very interesting. When he got up of a mountain and values this work, a 400 dollars and he did 40 dollars, or he did 45 dollars, and he sold to a man came wrapped up with insuficience. See? And they can develop a language too. They don't want to sell stuff, then know back off in a pocket. So, everybody has an actually terrible language, say you got, they look at each other and smile, you know? And that means yes or no. And so, the last of things, we believe on that, because of the experience we have had. Some of us have had. And someone was believing on that because, if you take a, 12 children, and put them in a room, separate partitions around the children, and give them a pencil and a paper, you will find that a lot of children draw ropes, like that, with a flag on it. How we have along? And a lot of more drawings are something like this. See? And they draw the (?) same (?) things. They would draw them. Remember when these child draw, they had a quarter side as source, you know? But child doesn't draw a cut away view of a television set. A child doesn't draw a section of an aircraft wing structure and all the elements, the fuel lines, like the old ones, you know? They would draw a house with the god damn move up here, or the sun raised there. And on those schools, all over that, are the same fucking thing. So they give people pencils and papers, and guy goes to another room, and say some drawings, you even see children going around alike. Same shit, you See? And so they still do the same thing, not by telepathy, by ignorance. Think about that. In other words, if a guy going around in a year, and said something like, you god damn son of a bitch, and said, is anybody else that would do in this history become full, yes. Perhaps you come out and go why, very several people behave like that. You damn son of a bitch. That would tell in television gives you incentive, Jesus, you know? Their arguments are in the television sets. They try is what the television says to get the sale, take it, it wouldn't stop. You got the key on and then bring it up. You know? And so, they are all insane, this whole fucking rule. You work outside this door. And all values are so mixed up, that the most literate people out there...

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Part 1 of a talk about distortions of values and importance of re-orienting towards more relevant and generalist views; education.

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