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Kids with autism are often seen with associated symptoms such as problems with sensory integration There are three aspects The first one is overreaction The may react differently to specific sounds or frequencies They may be easily irritated by noises like the sound of constructions or hair dryers On the other hand, children may often under react to senses like pain Which makes them oblivious to injuries Some are extra interested in things that are spinning or moving quickly that is why they may randomly spin in circles When our brain processes senses it filters stimulations based on their nature, strength and impact Such as the water droplets, when we wash our faces or hair which is not threatening at all but it feels different to children with autism It is because of their faulty filtering system amplification system or sensory systems The children feel irritated or react intensely to water they hate hair washing or refuse to get near water Like many other cases of autism HoYi's parents were faced with different level of sensory problems of HoYi To HoYi, she needs to face many difficulties regarding her hair She can't have her hair cut or washed Before she was five, we had to have one hold her while the other one wash her hair We also have to finish before she starts crying We have also tried forcefully holding her down and pour water on her which didn't work she screamed and cried The most important and profound effect is that it made her become scared of me Took her very long to start feeling safe around me again scared of her own mum Later we slowly started trying the systematic desensitization that I learnt from school We start with splashing her feet then her arms Move upward on her body if she doesn't resist the water When we get close to the head we start spraying water on her face then move on to the hair

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